App Stickiness

App stickiness refers to the ability of a mobile application to engage users and encourage them to return to the app consistently over a period of time.
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What is App Stickiness?

App stickiness refers to a mobile application's ability to engage users and encourage them to consistently return to the app over time. It measures how often users revisit the app and how long they spend actively using it. A sticky app provides a valuable and enjoyable user experience that keeps users coming back.

Why is App Stickiness important?

App stickiness is crucial because it indicates user engagement and retention. A high level of app stickiness suggests that users find value in the app and are likely to continue using it. This can lead to benefits such as increased user retention, positive word-of-mouth referrals, and higher revenue. Developers and businesses aim to enhance app stickiness through personalized experiences, push notifications, and gamification techniques, among other strategies.

How to calculate App Stickiness?

To calculate app stickiness, the ratio of daily active users (DAU) to monthly active users (MAU) is examined. The result is expressed as a percentage. For example, if an app has 5,000 DAU and 50,000 MAU, the stickiness ratio would be calculated as 5,000 divided by 50,000, resulting in 0.1. Multiplying this by 100 gives a stickiness ratio of 10%. A stickiness ratio of 20% is generally considered successful, while numbers approaching 25% are exceptional.

How to improve App Stickiness?

Improving app stickiness requires a multi-dimensional approach, considering factors such as relevance, value, emotional connection, in-app community building, and user experience. Ensuring the app's content matches users' interests, needs, and goals is essential for relevance, while providing a solution to a problem or offering a faster and more efficient solution adds value. Creating emotional connections, building an in-app community, and providing a seamless user experience through effective onboarding and reducing friction also contribute to app stickiness. By focusing on enhancing app stickiness, developers and businesses can increase user engagement, retention, and the overall success and growth of their apps.

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