Winning Marketing Strategies to Increase 600% Installs for Your App

By November 2023, we already have customers growing their downloads by 600%, registrations by 430%, and conversion rates by 400%. How do they do it?
Winning Marketing Strategies to Increase 300% Installs for Your App

As the demand for mobile experiences continues to rise amid the global pandemic, it has become crucial for app developers to implement effective marketing strategies to stand out and achieve success.

By November 2023, we have witnessed a surge in app downloads, registrations, and conversion rates for our clients. Some have experienced a staggering 600% increase in downloads, 430% increase in registrations, and quadruple conversion rates. So, what are the winning strategies they employed? Let's find out!

Showcase Your App with Engaging Videos

One effective way to capture users' attention is to leverage app videos in the iOS App Store. With videos playing automatically, it's crucial to make a strong impression in the first few seconds. Utilize this time to highlight your app's main value propositions and entice users, even without relying on sound. Keep the video concise and impactful!

Optimize Your Store Screenshots

Great visuals are key to catching users' interest in your app. When it comes to screenshots, you have three options:

Feature-Oriented Screenshots

These screenshots showcase your app's distinct value propositions and highlight key features. They are particularly effective if your user interface is a standout feature of your app.

Lifestyle-Oriented Screenshots

To evoke an emotional response from potential users, opt for lifestyle-oriented screenshots. These visuals depict your target audience's ideal lifestyle and help them envision the benefits of your app.

Hybrid Screenshots

A successful approach is to combine feature-oriented and lifestyle-oriented screenshots. This allows users to experience both the app's functionality and the emotional appeal, providing the best of both worlds.

Avoid Repetitive Information

Given the limited time you have to capture users' attention, avoid repetitive messaging in your marketing materials. Highlight as many features as possible in a concise and effective manner to convey a comprehensive offering. Repetitiveness can make users feel that your app lacks unique features and may discourage further exploration.

Utilize A/B Testing Tools

App stores are constantly evolving, making it essential to constantly monitor and test your marketing efforts. A/B testing allows you to make changes to your store listing while gathering valuable data on user behavior and preferences. Stay agile and adapt to the changing landscape of app stores.

Create a Comprehensive Search Ads Campaign

When planning your search ads campaign, go beyond targeting your brand keywords alone. Consider the misspellings of your brand keywords, competitor brand keywords, and other related keywords that users might search for. Utilize both exact match and broad match keywords to capitalize on search trends and control your ad's visibility. Regularly monitor the performance of your brand keyword ads and adjust your bids if needed.

In Conclusion

If you're still unsure about how to effectively market your app after diving into these strategies, here's a simple summary: focus on improving your app's performance in the app stores. Optimize your creatives and marketing strategies while leveraging the power of a smart mobile marketing platform and search advertising tools. By combining ASO (App Store Optimization) and ASA (App Search Advertising), you can fuel your app's growth and achieve greater success.

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