Wild Rift: Potential Addition of Three New Champions in January 2024

A glimpse into the future of Wild Rift's roster: Quinn, Rumble, Nidalee
Wild Rift: Potential Addition of Three New Champions in January 2024

League of Legends: Wild Rift
, the mobile adaptation of the acclaimed PC MOBA game, is abuzz with speculation following recent data mining leaks. These leaks suggest the game may soon be enriched with three additional champions. New voice-over lines found within the game files have led to speculation about the potential introduction of these champions. While Riot Games has not officially confirmed these findings, the evidence from the game files strongly suggests that the additions of Quinn, Rumble, and Nidalee to Wild Rift could be imminent, possibly as early as January 2024.

Upcoming Patch 5.0 Update in January 2024 May Bring New Faces to Wild Rift

A video by ChowZ brought the leaks to light, with voice-overs indicating Quinn, Rumble, and Nidalee as the prospective new champions. These voice lines, typically used during champion selection, provide a glimpse into the future of Wild Rift's roster.

A Glimpse at the Leaked Champions:

1. Quinn

A versatile champion known for her mobility, Quinn shines in the Baron Lane but can also adapt to Jungle and Top Lane roles. Renowned for her prowess as a Marksman or Assassin, Quinn is on the list of potential new entrants in Wild Rift.

Quinn Image

Quinn Image

2. Rumble

Already a familiar face to players of the PC version, Rumble can dominate the Baron Lane or Jungle with his fighting capabilities. His item builds, runes, spells, and skills allow him to unleash significant damage and control the battlefield with crowd control abilities.

Rumble Image

Rumble Image

3. Nidalee

Known as the "Bestial Huntress," Nidalee excels in the Jungle, offering high mobility and magic damage. This assassin is considered challenging to master but can be a formidable force in skilled hands.

Nidalee Image

Nidalee Image

Riot Games Yet to Officially Announce New Champions

The introduction of these champions remains unconfirmed by Riot Games. The latest champion to join Wild Rift was Fiddlesticks, released on October 25, 2023.

Wild Rift 2024: Anticipation for Three New Champions

The next patch, 5.0, is expected to be released on January 18, 2024, and may unveil Quinn, Rumble, and Nidalee as the newest additions to Wild Rift. Players are advised to stay tuned for official announcements from Riot Games regarding the future content of the game.

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