Utilizing Keywords Tools to Improve Your App Marketing Performance(1)

This article will guide you to make full use of FoxData, a comprehensive platform of app marketing, to optimize keywords and other app store metadata.

How to Utilize Keywords Tools to Improve App Marketing Performance

Keywords are an essential element of app optimization in the App Store or Google Play. If you want your app to perform well in the store, you must invest enough time, effort, and even money into keyword research and optimization. However, many app marketers struggle to find a powerful and user-friendly tool that can help them effectively manage their keywords and improve their app marketing performance. That's where FoxData comes in.


FoxData is an all-in-one data analytics and app marketing performance management solution. It combine  App Store Optimization, Search Ads Intelligence, and Market Intelligence into one platform. With FoxData, app marketers can not only access basic keyword optimization services and app advertising bidding information but also leverage intelligent solutions based on unique algorithms to enhance decision-making efficiency and optimize their input-output ratio.

foxdata features

One of the key features of FoxData is ASO Intelligence, which helps app marketers make the most of their keywords. In this blog post, we will discuss how to use FoxData's ASO Intelligence to achieve app benefits.

FoxData provides a comprehensive set of tools and features for keyword research and monitoring. Let's dive into the process of utilizing FoxData to select and monitor keywords effectively.

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Keywords Selection

To begin your keyword research, start by adding an app to track on the FoxData dashboard. You can choose your own app or another app that you want to analyze. Keep in mind that there is a limit to the number of apps you can add, so choose carefully. Optionally, you can also add a competitor for the app, which can help you use FoxData more efficiently.

Mobile App Analysis and Data-driven Marketing Solutions

Once you have added the app(s) you want to track, go to the ASO section to manage your keywords. In the Keywords Tracking section, you can manually add keywords one by one or upload a file. If you're unsure which keywords to focus on, you can also refer to FoxData's keyword recommendations.

aso keywords-foxdata

Using Threads as an example, you can manually add relevant keywords for tracking. Additionally, you can explore competitor keywords, category keywords, keyword research, and ranked keywords to identify valuable keywords to track. Pay attention to brand-related keywords and variations to capture users searching for your brand.

keyword explore

For instance, considering that Instagram is a competitor of Twitter, you can refer to Instagram's keywords such as "ins," "media," "social," etc. These keywords can provide insights into the competition and user search behavior. FoxData also offers reliable information from Category Keywords, Ranked Keywords, and Keyword Research to expand your keyword options.

competitor analysis and market analysis-foxdata

If you find the above steps too time-consuming, FoxData's Keywords Suggestion feature can automatically provide valuable keywords based on competitors you add. You can extract and track these suggested keywords directly.

Keywords Monitoring

Once you have added your selected keywords, it's time to monitor their performance. FoxData provides real-time monitoring and a dedicated Keywords Distribution dashboard for comprehensive keyword analysis.

monitor setting-foxdata

Real-time Monitoring

If there are keywords that you consider particularly important, you can monitor them in real time by tracking them in the Tracked Keywords list. You can customize notification settings based on keyword changes, including the application store and country. Daily reminders can also be enabled for timely updates.

Keywords Dashboard

FoxData's Keywords Distribution dashboard provides valuable insights into how different keywords are performing. This data can guide you in optimizing the keywords you're tracking. The dashboard offers a visual representation of keyword rankings and allows you to explore performance trends and changes.

Furthermore, FoxData provides detailed information about specific keywords beyond your app. This includes search volume, number of search results, keyword popularity, top 5 apps ranking for that keyword, and changes across different countries and app stores.

tracked keywords-foxdata


FoxData is a powerful platform that offers comprehensive data analytics and app marketing performance management capabilities. It empowers app marketers to make informed decisions and optimize their app promotion efforts. By utilizing FoxData's ASO Intelligence, app marketers can effectively select and monitor keywords to improve app performance in the competitive app market.

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