Optimizing Brand Revenue: Five Strategies for Developers

Let's discover the top 5 strategies to effectively attract brands and unlock new revenue streams for publishers.

Optimizing Brand Revenue: Five Strategies for Developers

App developers have a unique opportunity to increase brand spend without sacrificing ads for clicks or installs. Publishers can tap into new revenue streams by adding an additional layer of brand-specific placements while keeping performance monetization intact.

If you're a gaming or utility app developer working with a mobile monetization platform, it's time to shift your focus toward brand demand. Here are five actionable ways to effectively appeal to brands and unlock new revenue streams.

Let's discover the top 5 strategies to effectively attract brands and unlock new revenue streams for publishers.


Revamp Your Mobile Inventory for Maximum Brand Appeal

The current economic environment has made it imperative for brands and advertisers to push their budgets to work harder and for media to be more accountable. App developers must adopt app-ads.txt and open measurement SDK support as basic brand monetization requirements. To meet the rising demand for brand appeal, publishers must align their app inventory with brand buyers' goals and KPIs. This involves improving brand safety and identifying opportunities to enhance key metrics such as click-through rate, video completion rate, and viewability.


Add Exit Screen Placements to Your App

Game and utility publishers can unlock new revenue streams by creating innovative placements that don't interrupt the gaming or utility experience. Placements like exit screen ads or out-stream videos after the end of play but before exiting the app can capture user attention without disrupting their experience. These placements are ideal for brand spend as they are less intrusive and don't disrupt the user experience.


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Embrace Video Ads and Capture More Brand Dollars

Incorporating video ads can result in higher eCPMs for game and utility publishers. Interstitial in-game ads can target upper-funnel consumers and effectively capture brand dollars. Embracing video ads allows publishers to diversify their monetization strategies and unlock new revenue streams.

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Adopt Dual Bid Native Placements

Native advertising can be transformed into a brand placement by incorporating out-stream video ads. Publishers can maximize the fill rate of these placements by adopting a "dual bidding" strategy that calls for both native and out-stream video bids. This innovative approach can help publishers unlock new revenue streams and appeal to brand buyers.


Upgrade to Programmatic Placements

With the standardization of measurement, there are now more programmatic opportunities available for in-game ads. Upgrading to programmatic placements allows publishers to tailor their placements based on user preferences, resulting in a better user experience. It also provides brand buyers with new opportunities to engage with users during a gaming session.

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