Key Takeaways from Apple's Groundbreaking Product Event: WWDC Review

Apple's WWDC 2023 keynote brought a series of exciting announcements. Apple Vision Pro AR headset stole the spotlight, while updates were also announced for MacBook Air, Mac Studio, iOS 17, iPad, Apple Watch, and AirPods.

Apple 标志性产品活动的主要收获:WWDC 回顾

"Apple on Monday unveiled its most ambitious – and riskiest – new hardware product in years: a mixed reality headset called the Apple Vision Pro."

Apple CEO Tim Cook took the stage at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2023 and introduced the highly anticipated Apple Vision Pro, a groundbreaking augmented reality (AR) headset. Cook emphasized its potential to transform how users interact with technology, each other, and the world around them. Resembling ski goggles, the headset combines virtual reality and augmented reality, allowing users to overlay virtual images on live videos of the real world.

Apple showcased various applications in fields such as medicine, productivity, and entertainment, illustrating the diverse experiences the Vision Pro offers. Notably, Disney CEO Bob Iger joined the event to discuss Disney's content creation for the new headset.

Apple Makes a Risky Bet on the Apple Vision Pro

While Apple's new AR headset boasts innovative features, it faces several challenges. Priced at $3,499, the Vision Pro enters an unproven market already crowded with competing tech companies that have struggled to gain mainstream traction. Additionally, this price point comes during a time of economic uncertainty. However, Apple aims to overcome these hurdles by positioning the Vision Pro as a unique product that fosters connection rather than isolation. Unlike other headsets, it displays the user's eyes on the outside, ensuring that users maintain visual contact with those around them.

Appranking | Apple Vision Pro

Apple Highlights VR Focus, Provides Subtle AI Updates

While virtual reality (VR) took center stage at WWDC 2023, Apple's approach to artificial intelligence (AI) was more subtle. While many of Apple's competitors have outlined their AI integration plans, Apple focused on enhancing existing features. For instance, Apple announced updates to its autocorrect system, incorporating machine learning and a language model for improved accuracy, including "sentence-level autocorrections." Predictive text capabilities will also expand, offering users in-line predictions as they type.

New Hardware Unveiled: 15-inch MacBook Air and Mac Studio Updates

Apple revealed new hardware during the event, starting with the 15-inch MacBook Air equipped with Apple's custom-made M2 processor. This latest MacBook Air boasts impressive features, including its title as the world's thinnest laptop at just 11.5 mm and a weight of only 3.3 pounds. It offers exceptional battery life, faster performance compared to Intel-powered MacBook Airs, and a six-speaker sound system. Pricing starts at $1,299 ($1,199 for education). Apple also introduced the M2 Max and M2 Ultra chips as updates for its Mac Studio lineup, promising developers unprecedented app-building speed with up to 25 times faster performance than the previous M1 Max.

Appranking|15-inch MacBook Air

Updates for FaceTime, Messages, iPad, Apple Watch, and AirPods

Apple unveiled a host of updates coming to iOS 17, including new personalized features for FaceTime and Messages. iOS 17 introduces contact "posters" that allow users to design custom images for their contacts. A new Live Voicemail feature transcribes messages in real time, and a check-in feature enhances safety alerts for friends and family. Apple also showcased updates for the iPad, such as personalized wallpapers and interactive widgets, while the Apple Watch receives a smart stack using machine learning to display relevant widgets. AirPods will receive "adaptive audio" features, reducing distracting noises during environmental changes and adapting audio preferences to the listener.

Adjustments to the 'App Store Review Guidelines '

We have noticed that Apple has made some 'quiet' adjustments to the 'App Store Review Guidelines.' Upon comparison, the changes made to the guidelines this time are not extensive, but there are two additions that deserve particular attention:

Apple has added the highlighted section to clause 2.5.18, further strengthening the management of in-app advertising.

  • 2.5 Software requirements
    • 2.5.18 Display advertising should be limited to your main app binary, and should not be included in extensions, App Clips, widgets, notifications, keyboards, watchOS apps, etc. Ads displayed in an app must be appropriate for the app’s age rating, allow the user to see all information used to target them for that ad (without requiring the user to leave the app), and may not engage in targeted or behavioral advertising based on sensitive user data such as health/medical data (e.g. from the HealthKit APIs), school and classroom data (e.g. from ClassKit), or from kids (e.g. from apps in the Kids Category), etc. Interstitial ads or ads that interrupt or block the user experience must clearly indicate that they are an ad, must not manipulate or trick users into tapping into them, and must provide easily accessible and visible close/skip buttons large enough for people to easily dismiss the ad. Apps that contain ads must also include the ability for users to report any inappropriate or age-inappropriate ads.

The highlighted section has been added to clause 4.1, explicitly stating that impersonating apps or services may result in an account suspension.

  • 4.1 Copycats 

    Come up with your own ideas. We know you have them, so make yours come to life. Don’t simply copy the latest popular app on the App Store, or make some minor changes to another app’s name or UI and pass it off as your own. In addition to risking an intellectual property infringement claim, it makes the App Store harder to navigate and just isn’t fair to your fellow developers. Submitting apps that impersonate other apps or services is considered a violation of the Developer Code of Conduct and may result in removal from the Apple Developer Program.


Apple's WWDC 2023 keynote brought a flurry of exciting announcements. The Apple Vision Pro AR headset stole the show, accompanied by updates to various products, including the MacBook Air, Mac Studio, iOS 17, iPad, Apple Watch, and AirPods. The event demonstrated Apple's commitment to innovation and the integration of cutting-edge technologies to enhance user experiences across its product range.

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