iOS 17: Free Update with Exciting Features Set to Arrive on September 18

Apple has unveiled additional features set to arrive in iOS 17 later this year, alongside its official release date of September 18, following a three-month beta testing phase.

iOS 17: Free Update with Exciting Features Set to Arrive on September 18
Apple has unveiled additional features set to arrive in iOS 17 later this year, alongside its official release date of September 18 following a three-month beta testing phase. While some iOS 17 features were previously known to be slated for a later release, Apple has now provided a comprehensive overview of these forthcoming additions.

Here are the new features you can expect in iOS 17 at a later date:

Journal App: A new iPhone application designed for personal reflections and insights, complete with journaling suggestions and writing prompts to kickstart your writing journey.

Apple's Journal app -foxdata

Collaborative Apple Music Playlists:
Invite friends to contribute to your playlists, allowing everyone to add, rearrange, and remove songs. You can even use emojis to react to song selections.

Collaborative Apple Music Playlists-foxdata

AirDrop over the Internet:
This feature enables continued AirDrop transfers even when you move out of the immediate network range.

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Apple has released an informative PDF document, highlighting what's on the horizon for iOS 17 later this year. This list includes features mentioned at the WWDC conference and some previously undisclosed additions on the iOS 17 roadmap:

Stickers in Messages: A unified hub for all your stickers, accessible through the Tapback menu in Messages.

iOS 17 has updated stickers in message-foxdata

Catch-up Arrow in Messages: Easily navigate to your first unread message in group chats with a simple tap on the arrow icon in the top-right corner.

Messages in iCloud Enhancements: Synchronize Messages settings across your devices, including Text Message Forwarding, Send & Receive accounts, and SMS filters.

Apple News Widget: Control podcast or News+ audio story playback with play/pause functionality.

Apple News widget-foxdata

Favorite Songs Apple Music Playlist: Quickly access your favorite tracks within this specialized playlist, available in your Library or through Siri.

Expanded Apple Music Favorites: Select your preferred songs, albums, playlists, and artists to automatically enhance your music recommendations.

Intelligent PDF Form Detection: Automatically identify fillable documents and forms throughout the system, including Files, Mail, and scanned documents.

Enhanced AutoFill: Streamlined completion of names and addresses on forms through on-device language models, identifying fillable fields for quick AutoFill.

Audio Focus in Fitness+: Prioritize volume between music and trainer voices in Fitness+ workouts to suit your preference.

Apple ID Proximity Sign-In: Simplify device setup by pairing with a trusted iPhone or iPad in close proximity, facilitating automatic sign-in after scanning the particle cloud.

Several features stand out, such as the Apple Music enhancements and the innovative "Apple ID proximity sign-in." The testing for iOS 17.1 is already underway, with iOS 16.7 expected to arrive next month. While not all these new features are likely to be included in iOS 17.1, Apple has plans for future releases, including iOS 17.2 and beyond.

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