How to Increase Travel App Conversion by 35% with FoxData?

The article will talk about how FoxData helps a travel app boost its conversion by 35% through Product page optimization and keyword optimization.
How To Increase Travel App Conversion by 35% with Appranking?


Now is the perfect time to promote travel apps, as the global travel industry is recovering from the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. As travel restrictions ease and people become more eager to explore, travel apps can play a crucial role in helping travelers make informed decisions and ensuring a seamless journey. This article will discuss how FoxData can help boost a travel app's conversion by 35% through Product Page Optimization (PPO) and keyword optimization.

App Story

To attract users to download the app, it is important to have an eye-catching icon, attractive screenshots, and a compelling title. However, the founder of the travel app in question did not give enough attention to these aspects during the app's creation. As a result, the screenshots were generic, and the icon and brand name were poorly designed. The FoxData ASO team had to start from scratch and revamp the Customer Product Page (CPP) to make the app more appealing to potential users. FoxData is the perfect tool for addressing these issues, providing all the necessary tools for successful ASO work. It is user-friendly and efficient, reducing the need for manual data collection.


The marketing team of the company had set a goal to be among the top 100 travel apps on the App Store. However, they only had one team member assigned to handle the task. They needed a tool that could gather all relevant information for both iOS and Android platforms, including their app and competitors' apps. FoxData offers effective ASO tools and data analysis for ASO, ASA, market analytics, etc., making ASO & ASA work more convenient. By using FoxData, the team was able to gather information about app updates and analyze how those changes influenced rankings for important queries. This tool also saved all app metadata, including the symbol, screenshots, title, subtitle, descriptions, brief summaries, and details on in-app purchases. This allowed the team to easily keep track of how changes to the metadata impacted search results.


In this section, we will outline the steps taken by our team to achieve the conversion goal of the travel app.

1. Take a new title for the app

The previous title of the app was unnecessarily long and complex, taking up valuable space. After analyzing competitors' titles, the team discovered that the term "flights" was widely recognized and frequently used, leading to fierce competition. To address this issue, FoxData tools were used to identify competitive keywords for different countries, expanding the potential and valuable keywords from competitor analysis and market keyword analysis. By gathering the semantic core and excluding competitor names, the team was able to craft concise and fitting titles. To accommodate additional keywords in the title field, they decided to display the title on the app icon rather than within the actual title, freeing up space. This strategic approach allowed them to optimize the title for better visibility and search rankings while showcasing the app's core concept.

2. Design a new icon

The app's current icon was poorly designed as the app developer lacked specific knowledge of icon design and simply tasked a designer to create one without much guidance. To improve the icon, a competitor analysis was conducted, and the top ten most intriguing icons were identified. By studying these icons and common components of icons in various themes, the team was able to generate new ideas and select a more effective design. The color of the icon was chosen based on the criteria used for the transportation icon, opting for cooler colors such as blue, green, and black.

3. Prepare for the new screenshots

The app only had basic smartphone screenshots that showed the actual content of the app. While this approach can familiarize users with the app's content, it can also be dull and plain. To make the screenshots more engaging, a presentation was created that included screenshots of competitor apps. Similar characteristics were identified, and the advantages and disadvantages of each were noted. Using this information, a brighter and more engaging vision for the app's screenshots was selected.

4. ASO report

Finally, the app was diagnosed using the ASO report of FoxData. This report provided a complete analysis of all aspects of the app including its name, subtitle, description, app icon, screenshots, keyword distribution, app info, rankings, ratings & reviews, and versions.

ASO report of a travel app on FoxData

To protect the privacy of our client, take its competitor as an example


After making changes to the app's title, icon, and screenshots, as well as localizing it for two new countries, the app's metrics were significantly impacted. There was a 27% increase in interactions (Impressions), a 10.2% increase in new app downloads, and a 35.2% spike in conversions (CVR). These changes have greatly improved the app's performance and increased its appeal to potential users. If you are interested in trying FoxData, we currently offer a free seven-day trial. You can connect with them on LinkedIn for any valuable feedback and comments. 

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