How FoxData Helps an E-Commerce Retailer Increase Monthly Conversion Rate by 500%

In this case study, we explore how FoxData helps an e-commerce retailer craft a PPC (pay-per-click) advertising strategy, setting the stage for its ambitious business expansion.
How FoxData Helps an E-Commerce Retailer Increase Monthly Conversion Rate by 500%

As the number of internet users soars and the penchant for online shopping becomes ever more the norm, the e-commerce retail market is witnessing growth opportunities on an unprecedented scale. Yet, this also heralds a surge in competition, particularly in well-established markets such as Europe, where brands are compelled to continually innovate and streamline their operations to stay in the running. Consumers' search behavior and shopping habits are also evolving, requiring retailers to target their advertising to attract potential customers with the intent to purchase.

In this case study, we explore how FoxData helps an e-commerce retailer craft a PPC (pay-per-click) advertising strategy, setting the stage for its ambitious business expansion.

Client Story

Our client, a dynamic e-commerce player, boasts a broad range of top-notch home decor, trendy accessories, custom gifts, and the latest tech gadgets. They're on a mission to cement their reputation as a go-to brand across Europe, promising a varied collection and a shopping experience that's second to none.

While they've earned kudos for their stellar products and client service, they hit a few bumps in their quest to widen their slice of the European market and foster lasting client loyalty.

It was clear that the old-school marketing playbook wouldn't cut it anymore. They needed to adopt more precise and scientific approaches to attract and retain clients—especially those with a high likelihood of clicking that 'buy' button.

The team knew their way around digital marketing basics but lacked the professional skills and resources to implement effective online advertising campaigns. They needed more than just traffic. They needed to improve conversion rates. So they were on the lookout for a tailored approach that could pinpoint and persuade potential buyers.

During our initial discussions, the client expressed the importance they placed on brand image and their commitment to providing personalized shopping experiences and high client satisfaction. They aimed to increase sales through online advertising strategies, but also to strengthen their market position and achieve sustainable business growth.

To meet the client's needs, we designed a comprehensive advertising strategy that included not only the optimization of ad placements but also improvements to the user experience and simplification of the sales process.

dynamic e-commerce player


The client's main challenges with Google Ads included:
  • Disorganized account structure: Improper account setup led to poor ad performance and wasted resources.
  • Insufficient data analysis: A lack of in-depth analysis of keyword performance prevented effective bid strategy adjustments.
  • Poor landing page experience: Landing page designs did not meet user expectations, affecting conversion rates.


Our team considered the challenges faced by the client in the paid search advertising space and designed a comprehensive set of solutions aimed at optimizing ad effectiveness, enhancing user experience, and reducing logistics costs.

Account Structure Refinement

  • Ad Account Audit: We conducted a thorough audit of the client's PPC account, analyzing ad group structure, keyword relevance, ad copy appeal, and bid strategy effectiveness. During the audit, we identified issues such as irrelevant keywords in ad groups and inefficient ad placements.

  • Ad group reorganization: Based on the audit results, we reorganized the ad groups, dividing ads into more detailed categories to ensure each group targeted specific product lines and user search intents. This structural optimization helped to increase the accuracy of targeting, directly attracting potential customers.

  • Competitor analysis: We conducted an in-depth analysis of competitors' keyword strategies, uncovering some market opportunities they had fully utilized, but we didn't. We adjusted our keyword strategy based on this information to more effectively attract and convert the target audience.

Landing Page Optimization

  • Customized design: We designed highly customized landing pages for each ad campaign, ensuring the page design closely corresponded with user search intent and ad copy. By focusing on visual appeal and content relevance, we ensured users saw the information they expected after clicking on an ad.
  • User experience improvement: By improving page loading speeds and optimizing user interface design, we enhanced the user experience on landing pages. Simplifying the purchasing process, clear navigation, and timely information feedback all contributed to increased conversion rates.

Landing Page Optimization
Ad Placement Strategy Adjustment

  • Budget reallocation: We reallocated the advertising budget, prioritizing products and ad groups with a higher historical conversion rate. This budget optimization ensured our ad spend delivered the maximum return.

  • Expansion of long-tail keywords: We expanded our long-tail keyword strategy to cover more low-frequency but high-conversion-potential keywords. These keywords usually have a lower cost and less competition, thus improving the overall efficiency and conversion rate of the ads.

Keyword Optimization

  • Data-Driven Optimization: We used advanced analytical tools to deeply understand keyword performance, which included click-through rates, conversion rates, profit margins, and customer lifetime value. Based on these data, we optimized our keyword selection and bidding strategies.

  • Dynamic bid adjustment: We implemented a dynamic bidding strategy, increasing bids for well-performing keywords to maintain a competitive edge. At the same time, we reduced bids or completely halted placements for keywords with high click-through rates but poor conversion rates.

Product Delivery Assessment

  • Collaborative assessment: In order to fulfill our customers' special commissions, we chose to work with their supply chain partners to do a thorough evaluation of the product delivery process. Our goal was to find the most cost-effective delivery solution while maintaining or improving customer satisfaction.
  • Free shipping threshold: By analyzing sales and logistics data for products at different price points, we determined a threshold for free shipping. This strategy not only reduced delivery costs but also increased customers' willingness to purchase, as free shipping is a powerful incentive that promotes e-commerce sales.
By implementing these strategies, we not only improved the effectiveness of the ads but also enhanced the customer's shopping experience and reduced logistics costs, overall increasing the client's market competitiveness. These improvements laid a solid foundation for the client's long-term success in PPC advertising.

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Following the implementation of our comprehensive optimization strategy, the client achieved significant success in the realm of paid search advertising.
Specifically, project data showed:
  • a 500% increase in the monthly conversion rate 
  • a 45% reduction in the cost per conversion.
This not only greatly improved the return on ad spend but also helped the client gain a larger market share and increase brand awareness in the competitive European market.

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