How Education Course Supplier Achieved Over 50,000 Landing Page Clicks in Two Weeks?

This case study delves into how an educational course provider leveraged the Facebook platform for paid advertising campaigns to simultaneously enhance brand recognition across multiple countries and successfully attract prospective students.

How Education Course Supplier Achieved Over 10,000 Landing Page Clicks in Two Weeks?

In the wave of digital marketing, social media advertising has become an indispensable force, particularly within the education sector. As competition in the global education market intensifies, educational institutions and course providers are facing unprecedented challenges. They must compete not only with traditional academic entities but also carve out a niche in the rapidly expanding domain of online education. This trend has led to an increasing demand for effective and targeted marketing strategies, with paid social media advertising emerging as a key tool.

Against this backdrop, our case study delves into how an educational course provider leveraged the Facebook platform for paid advertising campaigns to simultaneously enhance brand recognition across multiple countries and successfully attract prospective students.

Client Story

In the globalized education landscape, our client, a multinational education course supplier, has established a solid market presence. They offer a diverse array of courses, ranging from basic language learning to advanced professional skill training, designed to meet the needs of various learners. 

Despite a robust course system and professional faculty, the client still faced growing market and competition pressures. The rise of online education platforms and the digital transformation of traditional educational institutions meant that traditional marketing approaches were insufficient for achieving their goals of expanding global influence and increasing student enrollment.

Especially in key markets like the UK, UAE, Spain, France, and Germany, the client needed a marketing strategy that could transcend geographical barriers and cross-cultural communication to enhance brand recognition and attract a broader potential student base. They aimed to promote their quality educational content to learners eager to enhance personal skills and pursue career advancement through precise audience targeting.

Client's Challenges

In promoting their educational courses across multiple countries, our client encountered several key challenges:

  • Cultural and Linguistic Diversity: A major challenge was effectively conveying their brand message in each country, considering the unique cultures and languages. This required not only accurate translation of the ad content but also ensuring cultural relevance and sensitivity. A deep understanding of each target market's cultural nuances was crucial to crafting ads that resonated with the local audience.
  • Legal and Regulatory Differences: The client also had to navigate varying legal and regulatory restrictions on advertising content across different countries. This necessitated detailed research into the legal frameworks of each market to ensure all advertising activities complied strictly with local regulations.
  • Social Media Usage Habits: There were significant differences in social media usage habits from country to country. Users in some nations might prefer specific social platforms, while in others, the receptiveness and response to ads could be entirely different.
  • Advertising Receptivity: Users' receptivity to ads varied with the country, directly influencing ad design and deployment strategies.

Education Course Supplier


To address the client's needs and market challenges, we designed a series of integrated solutions:

Brand Strategy

  • Precision Targeting

    At the heart of our client's brand strategy was precision targeting. Using social media analytics tools and market research methods, we gained deep insights into the market characteristics and interests of potential students in each target country. Our audience was not limited to students seeking specific courses but also expanded to professionals committed to career development and personal skill enhancement. This targeting strategy allowed us to more accurately focus our ads, ensuring each campaign reached the most likely to convert potential customers.

  • Crafting Brand Stories

    We recognized the power of a brand story to emotionally resonate with the audience. In content creation, we emphasized brand storytelling. To capture the attention of the fast-paced Facebook user base, we produced a series of dynamic and emotionally charged video content. These videos not only presented the client's brand values and course benefits but also showcased real student stories and success cases, demonstrating how the courses positively impacted their careers and lives. This storytelling approach not only increased viewer engagement but also strengthened the audience's emotional connection to the brand.

  • Incorporating User Feedback

    We implemented a dynamic feedback loop, collecting user feedback through social media interactions such as comments, likes, and shares. This valuable information helped us continuously adjust and optimize our ad content to ensure our brand image and promotional strategies remained aligned with audience needs and preferences. This approach improved ad relevance and effectiveness, thereby enhancing user engagement.

  • Advertising Campaigns

    To maintain a continuous brand presence in the audience's mind, we developed a long-term advertising plan. This plan included regular ad updates and special promotions for events and seasonal occurrences. By doing so, we maintained consistent brand exposure and deepened audience awareness and trust through a series of coherent advertising efforts.

By combining these strategies, we not only improved brand visibility and user engagement in the short term but also built a strong brand asset that laid a solid foundation for the client's ongoing success in the global education market.
Brand Strategy on FoxData

Material Localization

  • Multilingual Versions

    Given our target markets spanned several countries and regions, localized ad materials were crucial. We tailored multilingual versions of ad materials for each country, ensuring all copy, images, and video content aligned with local languages and cultural contexts. This localization strategy went beyond simple translation; it involved a profound understanding and customization of content for each market.

  • Cultural Adaptation

    We cleverly integrated local slang, pop culture elements, and motifs into our ad content to enhance its appeal and user engagement. These cultural inclusions made the ads more vivid and entertaining, making them more likely to be shared and discussed on social media, thus expanding the brand's influence.

Keeping Up with Current Events

In our advertising strategy, we leveraged international events and trends on the Facebook platform. By incorporating events like International Education Week or global trends in online learning, we planned a series of timely promotional campaigns for the client.

These campaigns not only increased the timeliness of the ad content but also cleverly linked product promotion with users' daily lives and global events, thereby enhancing user engagement and interest.


The implementation of the above strategies yielded significant results. The project ultimately achieved over 50,000 landing page clicks in two weeks, with the Facebook page maintaining a high level of views.

This success was evident not only in quantitative data but also in the enhanced brand recognition in the target markets and strengthened trust and loyalty towards the brand.

The campaign deeply embedded the brand story in the audience's minds, significantly improving user engagement and brand affinity, establishing a solid foundation for the client to stabilize and expand their market share in the global education market.

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