How a Brick-and-Mortar Business increased ROAS by 303% with FoxData

In this case study, we'll dive into how a paid search advertising strategy propelled a prominent brick-and-mortar business to break through the fierce market competition, significantly boosting its ROAS and sales revenue.

How a Brick-and-Mortar Business increased ROAS by 303% with FoxData


In the era of digital marketing, paid search advertising has become a pivotal tool for brands to enhance online visibility and drive sales growth. With the booming e-commerce landscape and online services, competition across industries has intensified, compelling businesses to invest more in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to maintain a competitive edge. However, as more businesses enter the fray, the cost of bidding on keywords has escalated, making the return on ad spend (ROAS) a top concern for companies.

In this case study, we'll dive into how a meticulously crafted and executed paid search advertising strategy propelled a prominent brick-and-mortar business to break through the fierce market competition, significantly boosting its ROAS and sales revenue.

Client Story

Our client is a well-established brick-and-mortar company that primarily deals in high-end custom furniture supplies and has won the trust and favor of consumers in the German market. Yet, with globalization intensifying and digital transformation advancing, the industry competition has become increasingly fierce. The rise of new brands and online business models threatened traditional brick-and-mortar operations.

Despite having a solid market position in Germany, our client faced stagnating advertising effectiveness and sales. The client embarked on a digital transformation journey, culminating in the successful launch of their online platform. Yet, the imperative remains to reassess their promotional tactics, with a keen focus on optimizing their digital marketing initiatives.

Consequently, the client turned to our team, seeking our expertise and extensive experience to develop a novel paid search advertising strategy that would adapt to market shifts, grasp consumer trends, and ultimately foster business growth and brand value enhancement.



The client encountered several key challenges in their marketing efforts:

  • Market Saturation and Intense Competition: The German market was exceptionally competitive, with numerous brands vying for consumer attention, causing a gradual decline in our client's advertising impact.
  • Brand Reach Efficiency: Effectively and precisely reaching target users became a challenge, necessitating an improvement in ad targeting precision to optimize conversion rates.
  • Stagnant Advertising Results: Despite increasing advertising budgets year over year, sales growth was not meeting expectations, necessitating the identification of new growth opportunities.


To overcome these challenges and achieve the client's business objectives, we designed a comprehensive solution covering market analysis, ad creativity, audience targeting, and multi-channel marketing:

Selling Points Adjustment

  • In-depth Analysis and Selling Points Refinement: Working closely with the client, we conducted market research and consumer insights to deeply analyze product features and user needs, identifying and refining the unique selling points (USPs) of the products relative to competitors.
  • Ad Material Redesign: With the USPs and product pricing in mind, we revamped the ad materials, including images, videos, headlines, and descriptions, to ensure the ads' appeal and persuasiveness while maintaining brand consistency and professionalism, ultimately enhancing ad conversion rates.

Remarketing Strategy

  • Defining the Target Audience: We refined our audience based on user behavior to identify the target group for remarketing. Ultimately, we focused on users who had visited specific pages on the website or engaged in particular actions, such as adding products to their shopping cart without completing the purchase.
  • Setting Tracking Codes: We installed advanced tracking codes like Google Ads on the client's website to monitor user behavior and conversions, helping to identify users who met the criteria for remarketing.
  • Custom Audience Lists and Dynamic Ads: Utilizing Google Ads' custom audience feature, we created custom audience lists and implemented dynamic remarketing ads that displayed relevant products based on users' browsing behavior, enhancing conversion rates.
  • Setting Ad Campaigns: We devised detailed ad campaigns for remarketing, determining ad budgets, scheduling, and frequency to ensure ad displays aligned with user behavior.

Cross-Platform Advertising and Multi-Channel Strategy

  • Multi-Platform Ad Placement: We analyzed audience coverage and cost-effectiveness across different platforms. Initially, ad spending was concentrated on Google Search Ads, which had reached a point of diminishing returns regarding sales increase. By expanding to Bing, we created campaigns on both platforms and allocated ad spend wisely to attract valuable users that we may have previously missed.
  • Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC): We ensured that the ad messaging and brand image were consistent across all platforms to strengthen brand recognition and user trust.
  • Intelligent Budget Allocation: Based on the performance and conversion data of each platform, we intelligently allocated the ad budget to maximize ROI.

Through these comprehensive strategies, we not only improved ad conversion rates and ROAS but also established a sustainable digital marketing framework for the client, laying a solid foundation for future market activities.

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The implementation of the above strategies led to the following significant outcomes for our client:

  • Substantial Increase in Ad Conversion Rates: We achieved a growth of over 186% in conversion rates.

  • Significant Improvement in ROAS: The return on ad spend reached an impressive 303%.

Our advertising strategy helped the client achieve a remarkable increase in sales performance and brand influence in a highly competitive market.

Do you want to increase ROAS by 303%? FoxData tailors Paid Search Ads Services and other results-driven Marketing Solutions to fit your unique goals and help you navigate the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing. We are committed to customizing and managing efficient advertising strategies for you to maximize your marketing goals.

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