Genshin Impact Version 4.0 Leak Unveils Upcoming Banner Characters

An information leak from Genshin Impact reveals that new characters will be introduced for players to add to their teams in the second half of version 4.0.

An information leak from Genshin Impact reveals that new characters will be introduced for players to add to their teams in the second half of version 4.0.

In the upcoming Version 4.0 of Genshin Impact, Sayu and Noelle will be featured as four-star characters, and a new character named Freminet will also debut as a lower four-star rarity character. Players can expect to expand their roster with these new four-star characters, as well as the return of Zhongli and Childe in rerun banners.

The game continues to engage its players with the introduction of a brand-new region and playable units such as Lyney and Lynette. These characters play a pivotal role in the ongoing storyline, with their backstory and characteristics revealed through engaging story quests.

The leak suggests that the highlights of the second half of version 4.0 banners will be Anemo user Sayu and Geo DPS character Noelle. The introduction of Freminet, a Cryo wielder from Fontaine, accompanied by a penguin companion named Pers, has already been confirmed for 4.0.

Genshin Impact consistently offers players a variety of new content, including festivities, battle pass items, and event wishes. The game recently introduced a new region and a range of playable units, captivating players with their uniqueness. Among these new additions are the Fontaine region siblings, Lyney and Lynette, who are integral to the unfolding Archon storyline.

Another leak suggests potential changes to daily commissions in the upcoming Update 4.1. Reddit user InflationOnly3229 indicates that Noelle and Sayu, four-star characters, will be featured on the banner in the second half of version 4.0. Players will likely have the opportunity to obtain them from the banners using Intertwined Fates, which require a certain amount of Primogems.

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Despite the exciting news, some players expressed disappointment with the upcoming banners and plan to save their guarantee slot for Neuvillette, who is expected to debut in version 4.1 later this year.

Noelle, a Geo user who was introduced to the game in 2021, allows players to familiarize themselves with the Claymore type. Sayu, an Anemo user, offers significant utility and healing power, serving as a support character dealing AoE damage with her plunging attacks.

The game is also preparing to introduce another Fontaine character, Freminet, who uses a Claymore as his primary weapon and performs consecutive attacks like DPS units. His debut is set for the second phase of version 4.0, expected to start on September 4. However, the official release date for Freminet's banner has not yet been confirmed by HoYoverse.

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