Enhancing Visibility Scores: Optimizing Metadata for FPS Mobile Games

This article focuses on FPS games and how to optimize metadata with the help of the Appranking ASO report. 

Enhancing Visibility Scores: Optimizing Metadata for FPS Mobile Games
The mobile gaming industry is booming, with mobile games generating billions of dollars in revenue and breaking records over the past few years. It is a convenient, easy, and enjoyable way to play games, with an increasing number of gamers using mobile devices to play games wherever they are. 

However, in the competitive market of mobile games, many apps disappear from the top charts due to a lack of attention to their metadata, which is the most obvious information in App Store or Google Play. This article focuses on FPS games and how to optimize metadata with the help of the FoxData ASO report. 

FPS games have become a significant category of mobile games in recent years, generating about 6% of the US iOS market revenue and being the sixth-largest game genre. Call of Duty: Mobile's huge success has encouraged many 3A developers to turn to handheld platforms. However, it has been a while since there was a new hit in the market. In the past two years, not a single newly released shooter game has managed to make it to the Top 200 US revenue list. 

To gain a competitive edge, external factors such as FoxData's Competitor Analysis can be used to conduct in-depth market research and redefine your app's marketing strategy. Additionally, internal factors such as accurate text metadata in the App Store can showcase the highlights of your FPS game.

The metadata of your app in the app store includes the app's name, subtitle, description, updated information, and more. These words are critical, and not paying attention to them can cause your app to get lost in the sea of similar apps. In this case, no matter how good your app is, it won't be seen. 

To improve your app's visibility, it is essential to make full use of metadata. For instance, the name of the app should let the user know at first glance what the app is for and not be too long. Core keywords of the product should be covered in the title of the application, and the number of characters should also be considered. Although the name needs to be simple and memorable, you can adopt the Modern Ops: Online Shooter FPS treatment within the app store, i.e., the main name followed by a phrase indicating its nature.

app name-foxdata

In the picture, there are three more mobile games that were launched after the success of building IP on the PC side. Hence, not much effort was put into the name selection. However, while naming new games, one must choose carefully to stand out. 

According to the weighted ranking of the factors that influence ASO, Name holds the highest weightage, followed by Subtitle, Keyword, Description, and Review. A subtitle generally supplements important information that the title fails to convey for various reasons.

app subtitle

There are several ways to name subtitles effectively. One approach is to focus on the benefits of the app, highlighting recent activities or promotions that users can enjoy. However, it is important to avoid using competing keywords that could result in the app being rejected or reported by competitors. Apple has a direct channel for receiving reports, so marketers should keep this in mind when optimizing their app's description. 

The application description is the content that appears below the app screenshot when users click on it. Its purpose is to provide users with a comprehensive understanding of the app's functions and value through text and screenshots. By highlighting the app's advantages and features, marketers can increase the likelihood that users will download and use the app.


This section provides an opportunity to showcase important information about your game, which can help attract more players. You can make use of the maximum allowed number of characters and increase the keyword density in the description to make it more effective. 

In conclusion, metadata is the first thing that catches a user's attention when they are searching for an app in the app store. Therefore, optimizing your app's metadata is essential for improving its visibility. FoxData offers ASO diagnostic reports to app owners and marketers, which helps to compare your product with your competitors. It also provides optimization suggestions to make your app more appealing to the algorithms of Apple's or Google's App Store. 

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