6 Reasons Your App Isn't Going Viral

In this blog, we will explore the reasons why your app may not be going viral and what you can do to rectify the situation.

6 Reasons Your App Isn't Going Viral

Developers strive for virality, where an app spreads rapidly through word of mouth. However, many apps fail to achieve this goal due to common mistakes. In this blog, we will explore the reasons why your app may not be going viral and what you can do to rectify the situation.

1. Lack of Niche Appeal

To make your app go viral, it must provide value to your target audience. Consider who your users are and what excites or solves their problems. Your app should aim to offer a unique experience that makes their lives easier, provides enriching information, or offers entertainment. Even if a similar app already exists, you can still succeed by catering to a specific niche and doing it better.

Collaborating with app distributors and publishers can help position your app for success, regardless of the market you target.

2. Insufficient User Retention

Retaining existing users is crucial for gaining new ones. Users need to find value in your app before they will share it with others. Therefore, focus on making your app valuable to individuals even before they engage with its social aspects. By continuously improving the user experience and providing notifications that encourage app usage, you can increase user retention.

You can also leverage existing users to promote your app by highlighting their excellent scores, loyalty, or activity. Encourage competition among users to keep them coming back.

3. Boring Onboarding Experience

Onboarding is an opportunity to engage users and gather useful information. Keep the onboarding process simple and intuitive, ensuring that users can easily understand how to use your app. Avoid unnecessary features and prioritize functionality over design.

Consider using bait, such as an exclusive ebook, to gather non-crucial information from users. Additionally, offering a one-click social login simplifies the process of linking the app with existing networks.

Onboarding can be particularly useful for apps that require explanation, such as gesture-driven apps or those that require information input. Customize the onboarding experience based on the complexity of your app, keeping it as simple as possible.

4. Lack of Gamification

Integrating gamification elements into your app can tap into users' basic needs for belonging, esteem, and self-actualization. By incorporating rewards, such as badges, collectibles, or leaderboard rankings, you can motivate users to engage with your app. Unlocking exclusive features based on scores or progression helps sustain and grow the app's value.

Ensure that the rewards align with the app's objectives, whether it's improving user engagement, acquisition, or loyalty. Successful users should feel a sense of accomplishment, and they should be able to share their successes, leading to increased customer acquisition.

5. Limited Shareability

Motivating users to share your app with their friends is crucial for virality. While certain apps, like fitness trackers, benefit from users sharing their achievements, other apps can create different incentives. For example, offering rewards for referrals or providing space increases for sharing can encourage users to spread the word.

Make sharing intuitive and effortless by incorporating one-click sharing buttons for multiple platforms. Encourage users to add friends via social media right from the onboarding stage, fostering mutual benefits and network growth.

6. Lack of User Trust

Users must trust your app before they will share it with others. Promote transparency in all areas to eliminate any barriers that may hinder user trust. Clearly communicate what information is being shared on behalf of the user and obtain their permission. Consider providing a settings panel where users can fine-tune their sharing preferences, ensuring they feel in control.

By addressing these six common mistakes, you can increase the chances of your app going viral. Focus on providing value, retaining users, improving the onboarding experience, incorporating gamification, enhancing shareability, and building user trust.

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