The LATEST "AI-powered" User Acquisition Ways for Your App

Chatbots and AI-generated avatars have taken over the world in the last few months. How successful were you to benefit from this trend?
How successful were you to benefit from this trend?

Chatbots and AI-generated avatars have become a global phenomenon in recent months. People all over social media are sharing their conversations with ChatGPT and magical avatars. As UA Managers and App marketing experts, it is crucial to evaluate the success of your keyword optimization in capitalizing on this trend.

In the App Store and Google Play, AI apps have become ubiquitous, particularly in the Photo & Video category. The presence of AI-focused apps in the Top Charts for Photo & Video demonstrates the widespread popularity of this trend.


To leverage this trend and improve your keyword optimization, you need to take the right steps.

Stay Ahead of Trends with Keyword Optimization

If you want to tap into any trend for ASO, the best approach is to focus on keywords. Current popular events or topics are quickly reflected in search results. For example, during the World Cup, trending keywords were dominated by World Cup-related terms.

world cup

Now, it's all about artificial intelligence. While it may seem challenging to compete with numerous competitors, you have the advantage of using Top Keywords to keep track of hot keywords and apps.

On the Top Keywords page, you have the option to filter out brand terms. The list of top keywords and their popularity trend will provide insights into upcoming trends. By identifying high-performing keywords early on, you can gain a competitive edge and optimize your app title, subtitle, and keyword field accordingly.

Top Keywords on FoxData

Top Keywords on FoxData

Imagine the impact of optimizing your app's title, subtitle, and keyword field in the early stages for these trending keywords.

By doing so, when the search volume is high, your app will appear at the top of the search results. It's up to you to ensure that you don't miss out on the next big trend.

In addition, FoxData provides other Keyword Tools to help you stay ahead of the competition and spot trends before anyone else.

Compare Your Keyword Coverage with Competitors

In any business, it's important to monitor what your competitors are doing and stay up to date with the market. The same applies to app marketing. You need to analyze and compare the keyword lists of your competitors. However, manually searching competitors and comparing keywords across different storefronts would be incredibly time-consuming.

Instead of individually checking each competitor, you can simply select your app and your competitor to see the common and unique keywords. This allows you to identify the keywords for which your competitors are ranking, but you are not. Additionally, you can compare your organic rankings for similar keywords and fine-tune your Apple Search Ads strategy to increase your impression share for these terms.


Target Your Audience with Custom Product Pages

Since AI is in high demand, why not promote it with a personalized product page? Take a look at Picsart's AI-focused product page, which can easily be found by searching for "AI map," "AI art creator," or "ai-like." The format in which the content is delivered is just as important as the content itself.


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