How can FoxData's New Features Streamline Your App Analytics?

In this blog, we will introduce the upgraded dashboard and the two new features, as well as their functions.
How can FoxData's New Features Streamline Your App Analytics?
The FoxData version update brings a dashboard upgrade and adds two new features to help you streamline your software analysis. In this blog, we will introduce the upgraded dashboard and the two new features, as well as their functions.

1. Dashboard Upgrade

Our Dashboard has recently been upgraded! It further optimises the interaction design of the page and helps users to retrieve the most concerned information more conveniently.

  •  My app Following Style

Optimised the presentation of followed apps in the My app section. Most importantly, the new style of following and cancelling apps has been added to the old version to help users choose apps more conveniently.

My app-Update Following Style in Dashbord- FoxData
  • Customisable Display of Data Areas

In this update, we have implemented different data areas in the home page which can be customised to display, support drag and drop to change the position of different display areas, and support manually cancelling or activating the display of a certain area. Furthermore, this update also adjusts the content of the data displayed. After the adjustment, the display content of the home page includes Category Ranking, Global Ranking, Rating Trend, review changes, Reviews Trend,Reviews Details, Ranked Keywords Trend, Estimated Downloads, Estimated Revenue.

Customisable Display of Data Areas in Dashboard of FoxData

2. Multi-language Translation

Anticipation had been mounting among our users for the feature of multi-language translations. Well, you'll be thrilled to know that FoxData has not only met but surpassed your expectations, as we proudly unveil the much-awaited multi-language translation feature! With multi-language translation, users can switch languages in FoxData's new Language Filter button, which displays developer-configured content in the corresponding language, including app screenshots, app descriptions, recent reviews, and ratings & reviews, helping users better analyze apps and feedback. It's worthy of note that the app screenshots and app description section show default information if the developer hasn't set it up.

👏Tips: This feature is only supported for software in Google Play.

Multi-language Translation Feature of FoxData

In addition to this, FoxData has also added a separate translation feature to the app description, reviews and keywords sections to make it easier for users to localise their apps.

Translation metadata of FoxData

  • Translated keywords: involving Keyword Ranked, keywords Explore (Smart Recommendations, Competitor Keywords, Market keywords)

Translated keywords of FoxData

Translated Reviews of FoxData

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3. Estimated Revenue

FoxData has added Estimated Revenue under APP-App Intelligence. This feature can be combined with Estimated Downloads to help users analyze competitors and their own products to adjust their strategies.

  • Overall situation data:
         Yesterday's additions, the last 7 days of additions, the last 30 days of additions and the comparison of these data and the change of the previous cycle.

 Overall situation data of Estimated Revenue Feature on FoxData
  • Revenue Trend Chart:
    • Line chart format showing daily (new) revenue trends for the app over the selected time period
    • Support competitive comparisons for viewing
    • Support scalar out of the weekend data
    • Support automatic calculation of each app's share of new revenue when comparing competitors.

  • Daily Revenue List
    • The content displayed corresponds to the trend chart, only in list form
    • Filter component is shared with the trend chart

Daily Revenue List of Estimated Revenue on FoxData
These are the new updated features of FoxData. Check these new features of your app right now! 
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