Android App Usage Totaled 2.5 Trillion Hours by Users in H1 2023

Users have spent an astonishing 2.5 trillion hours on Android phones in the first half of 2023. Notable breakout apps like TikTok, GOV.UK ID Check, and BeReal have gained global popularity.

Android App Usage Totaled 2.5 Trillion Hours by Users in H1 2023

The world of digital technology is constantly evolving, and in 2023, the use of mobile phones and apps has reached unprecedented levels. Recent findings indicate that Android phone users spent a staggering 2.5 trillion hours on their devices in the first half of the year alone, which is a significant 4% increase from the latter half of 2022 and an impressive 16% jump from the previous year. Based on these figures, it is projected that the total time spent on Android devices for the year could surpass an incredible 5 trillion hours.

Breakthroughs in App Usage

Mobile apps are becoming increasingly popular on platforms like Apple and Google, with about one-third of consumers spending most of their day using them. The growth of mobile apps can be attributed to revolutionary technologies such as AI and GPT algorithms, which are fueling innovative trends.

Global Trends in Breakout Apps

In the United States, Ask AI and Character AI have emerged as popular apps, ranking among the top 5 breakout apps. Meanwhile, in Canada, AI-powered applications driven by GPT algorithms, such as Microsoft's Edge and Bing, have gained popularity, securing positions from 6th to 10th. On a global scale, Chinese apps like TikTok, CapCut from ByteDance, and Temu from PDD Holding have achieved remarkable adoption rates.

Tiktok ranking

TikTok ranking in 90 days 

The UK saw an impressive surge in popularity for the GOV.UK ID Check app in the government services sector, as it ranked fifth among breakout apps based on download growth. BeReal, which is gaining momentum in Europe, secured a spot in the top five apps with the highest Year-over-Year (YoY) download growth rates in France, Germany, and Italy.

top breakout apps by consumer spend growth

Dating Apps Reign Supreme

The world of dating apps has witnessed a remarkable surge, with giants like Tinder and Bumble commanding the spotlight as the top breakout apps in H1 2023, ranking second and fourth in consumer spending growth. Notably, LinkedIn, the professional networking platform, has made a considerable leap, securing a place among the top 10 apps by consumer spending, highlighting its global appeal.

Global estimated downloads of Linkedin 

Global estimated downloads of LinkedIn 

The popularity of streaming content is on the rise and platforms such as Disney+ and Paramount+ are leading the way, securing the sixth and ninth positions respectively in the UK's top 10 apps by consumer spending growth. This rapid growth of the video streaming market is transforming the mobile app landscape.

A detailed analysis of key markets reveals India's leading role, with a substantial 26% growth in Android phone usage during H1 2021. Other countries, such as China, Indonesia, Mexico, and Thailand, have also shown impressive growth rates of +13%, +16%, +14%, and +18%, respectively.

In contrast, the United States has experienced only a modest 1% increase in mobile usage over the past two years, indicating steady engagement. However, the UK has witnessed a strong recovery from a dip in consumer spending seen in H1 2022.

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