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We are beyond excited to announce the launch of our new brand, FoxData!

FoxData - Your Ultimate Marketing Partner
We are beyond excited to announce the launch of our new brand, FoxData! As an from our well-established brand, Appranking, FoxData is designed to offer more comprehensive and intelligent solutions for all your digital marketing needs.

FoxData is a powerful platform that encompasses the following key areas:




  • Content Marketing 

    • Content Writing Services

    • Social Marketing Services

    • SEO Services

Our existing brand, Appranking has been seamlessly integrated into FoxData, creating a robust platform enhanced with new sections and features.

Mobile App Analytics

Appranking, a trusted app marketing intelligence platform, has been integrated into FoxData. Appranking has been renowned for Apple Ads management, ASO Intelligence, Ad Intelligence, and Market Intelligence. All these features are now available under FoxData, offering you a more robust platform to maximize your app's performance.

Mobile App Analysis - FoxData
Whether you're looking to scale your business, optimize your app store presence, or uncover competitors' keyword strategies, Appranking has got you covered. By combining the strengths of Appranking with the comprehensive services of FoxData, we aim to provide an all-encompassing solution for your app marketing needs.

Apple Search Ads

We also offer a comprehensive suite of services for managing your Apple Search Ads. Ads Manager service provides a centralized platform for managing your ad campaigns, tracking performance, and making adjustments. Keywords Planner helps you identify the most effective keywords for your ads, improving their visibility and effectiveness. Automation service streamlines and automates the ad management process, saving time and resources.

Finally, the Smart Campaign involves creating and managing intelligent ad campaigns that automatically adjust to performance data and market trends, maximizing ad spend's effectiveness.

Digital Marketing

We offer a comprehensive suite of digital marketing services designed to help your business reach its target audience effectively and efficiently. Search Ads, where we create and manage targeted ad campaigns to increase your visibility in search engine results. Social Ads are another crucial component of our digital marketing suite, where we leverage the power of social media platforms to engage your audience and drive conversions. Video Ads are an increasingly popular medium for capturing audience attention and conveying your brand's message in an engaging and memorable way. The App Advertising service is designed to help your mobile application gain visibility and attract more users, crucial for businesses in the increasingly competitive mobile app market.

Content Marketing

Content is king in the digital world, and FoxData's content marketing services are designed to help your business create and distribute high-quality, relevant, and engaging content. Our Content Writing Services cover everything from blog posts and articles to web content and product descriptions, all tailored to your brand's voice and audience. Our Social Marketing Services involve creating and managing your brand's presence on various social media platforms, engaging with your audience, and promoting your content. Our SEO Services are designed to optimize your content and website to rank higher in search engine results, increasing your visibility and driving more organic traffic to your site.

Join our group and follow its development together with us! 🦊 Join enthusiasts, interested individuals, and industry leaders in the field to discuss, exchange ideas, learn, and progress together! 📚🤝🌟

UI/UX Design

We understand that good design is good business. Our UX/UI Design services are aimed at creating intuitive and engaging user interfaces and experiences for your website or application, improving user satisfaction and driving conversions. Our Ad Creatives service involves designing visually appealing and compelling advertisements that capture attention and encourage viewers to take action.

Game Publishing

Gaining visibility and user engagement is key in the competitive app world. That's where our Publishing section comes into play. FoxData is here to ensure your game reaches the right audience and garners the attention it deserves.

Our services include Game Distribution, Monetization Strategy Planning, Player Acquisition & Retention. Our team of gaming industry experts will guide you through every step of the publishing process, from launch to devising continuous growth strategies. We the nuances of the gaming industry and are committed to helping you navigate this landscape with a tailored approach that suits your game's unique needs.

Additionally, we focus on enhancing the user experience of your game through our Game Inter services. We believe that a well-designed game intermodal can significantly improve player engagement and retention. Our services in this area include Game Interface Design, Usability Testing, Player Experience Optimization, and Intermodal Adaptation for different platforms.

By combining the strengths of game publishing and game intermodal under one umbrella, our Publishing section has a comprehensive approach to game development and marketing Whether it's getting your game in front of the ensuring an engaging player experience, FoxData is committed to helping your game succeed.

App Promotion

ASO World, another brand now seamlessly integrated into FoxData, professional mobile promotion services. From Keyword Installs, Package Installs, Ratings & Reviews, to Guaranteed Reviews Service, it is dedicated to boosting your app's visibility and user acquisition. We understand that app ratings and reviews play a crucial role in user decision-making, and we're here to help you garner positive reviews and high ratings. By merging ASO World with FoxData, we're able to offer a more comprehensive effective approach to app promotion.

With the launch of FoxData, we are excited to provide a more comprehensive and intelligent platform for your digital marketing needs. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction remains our top priority. As we embark on this new journey, we look forward to serving you better with FoxData and helping you navigate the complex world of marketing with ease and success.

We invite you to explore the new world possibilities with FoxData, your one-stop solution for all digital marketing needs. Welcome to FoxData, where we make your digital marketing journey seamless, successful, and rewarding! 

Now get ready to look forward to our brand new, all-encompassing, professional, one-stop service, FoxData! 🚀


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