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Industry-leading Apple Search Ads intelligence and automation optimization solutions, to accelerate time-to-action, and drive top performance.

5 Steps to Unlock The Potential of Apple Search Ads

Sign Up
Sign up and link to your Apple Search Ads account.
Create Your Campaigns
Create your ads campaigns with our Keyword Planner or Smart Campaign.
Manage Your Campaigns
Link to your MMP and manage all your ads in bulk.
Optimize Your Bids
Optimize your bids with FoxData Automation tool, maximizing your advertising potential without stress!
Scale Up
Improve your ROI, decrease your CPA, and level up your ads performance!
After 6 months our clients reach


of Users


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Give Your Campaigns a Boost with Apple Search Ads

Data Insights

In-depth Analysis of the Performance of Apple Search Ads Campaigns

Connect your Apple Search Ads account to obtain important data that can be used to generate essential metrics and charts for quick insights. Transparent and reliable data to support your business.

With Custom Reports, you can design reports based on your specific business requirements and prioritize the data metrics that are most important to you.

Keywords Explore

Intelligent Keywords Tools

Discover new keywords, effortlessly incorporate them into your Apple Search Ads campaigns and convert them into valuable insights.

Determine the most impactful keywords for target audience and unveil the organic keywords that your rivals are utilizing to rank higher. Scrutinize their rankings, keyword popularity, and impression share from the vast amount of data available.

Automatic Plan

Automation & Smart Campaign

Our automation rules and AI-powered tools can help you maximize your management efficiency and scale campaigns with minimal effort, while keeping your desired KPIs in check.

You can easily create a new campaign in just three simple steps and start your Apple Search Ads journey with quick wins, without having to deal with complex campaign structures.

Shortcut Operations

MMP Integration & Bulk Management

Track Apple Search Ads and in-app user behavior, set custom KPIs, and optimize your user acquisition funnel on a single platform.

Efficiently manage advertising efforts at any level and gain valuable insights with advanced filtering options.