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Performance is slow using: FindFile() SDK function.

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Posted by Greg on May 21, 2003 at 18:32:31:

We are using an Oracle 8.1.7 database, and StarTeam 5.1.264, and programming in PowerBuilder 7.0.3

Our code seems to take forever just to locate a single file, and I'm not convinced it should. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what to look for, or what to try? I think it's a bug, but I want to be sure ... I think I've tried everything, but I'm open to more ideas ... anyone??


// find the folder (this doesn't take any time)
aole_Folder = iole_Finder.FindFolder ( aole_RootFolder, as_FolderName )

// find the file .. (this seems to take forever ..)
aole_File = iole_Finder.FindFile ( aole_Folder, as_FileName, FALSE )

The only pattern I've noticed, is that the more files are in the folder, the longer it seems to take ..
The other possibility is that the more file revisions it has, the longer it takes (but I doubt this one).

And yes, I've simplified the problem, and duplicated the problem with code that this simple ... (i hardcoded an app at one point with just a couple functions calls:
- retrieve the server
- retrieve the project
- retrieve the view
- retrieve the folder
- retrieve the file

All hardcoded, and the file takes a long time to come back.

Any help is appreciated ...

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