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Posted by Steve on July 25, 2001 at 11:40:51:

In Reply to: Change in "Status" field description posted by Roger on July 19, 2001 at 11:47:43:

: Why would the status field description change for files that I have checked out of StarTeam. Initialy the status is indicated as Current. When I log back in to StarTeam the very next day the status is changed to unknown. I have to update the status of dozens of files each time this occurrs. This problem is occurring at least once weekly -- sometimes more often than that. Incidently the files that I check out of StarTeam are copied to the default location StarTeam has for them on my local drive.

There are a few reasons for unexpected statuses:

1) If you check out files to another location, then copy them into the default location (or copy files to the default without checking out directly), StarTeam will have a hard time with statuses. Every time a file is checked out, StarTeam records the file, location, version, user, and workstationID. If StarTeam cannot find a record to match your file, it will give an unknown status.
2) The StarTeam folder's working directory may be shared with another StarTeam folder (i.e. multiple ST folders have the same location). These folders could be in different views or projects. This will cause confusion in the same manner as #1.
3) More than one StarTeam Client have the same workstationID, which will confuse the server as to what client has what files. This can happen if you install StarTeam by way of disk images, like Norton Ghost. To fix this, delete your ConnectionManager.ini file, re-open your client, and let StarTeam create a new one for you. To a refresh on all your files, and you should be okay.

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