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Posted by Steve [Starbase Support USA] on June 26, 2001 at 11:55:29:

In Reply to: Moving the StarTeam database posted by Jonas Olsson on June 26, 2001 at 09:24:21:

: We'll soon be moving our StarTeam database from one MS SQL Server 7 to another (with better hardware).
: We know to keep the users out during the move, but how should the DB be exported/backuped and imported/restored? I know SQL Server is cranky about users vs logins at backup/restore so there could be trouble.
: Please advice.

The basic steps for moving a StarTeam SQL DB between machines is as follows:

1) Stop the StarTeam server.
2) Make a backup of the server (both DB and repository; it's just good practice!)
3) Move the DB backup file (.bak by default) to the new machine, and restore it.
4) On the StarTeam server, change the DSN to point to the new SQL server and StarTeam database.
5) Start the StarTeam server.
NOTE: The most common problem usually encountered in this process is table ownership. If your tables are owned by a user other that 'dbo', you will need to change the ownership of the tables to 'dbo', then (either leave them as 'dbo',) or change them back to a SQL user on the new machine. The reason for this is that SQL stores user by id, not name. So if you have the tables owned by 'StarBase', simply recreating a 'StarBase' user on the new server will most likely not work.

If you decide to move the entire server and not just the database, this document should help:

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