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Posted by Steve on May 25, 2001 at 10:53:11:

In Reply to: StarTeam Server Locks Up posted by Kim on May 18, 2001 at 08:32:05:

: For the past two days, clients lose their connections to the starteam server and the application hangs when trying to log back on. When checking the services on the server, all appears to be OK. If I attempt to stop and restart the StarTeam Service, I get an error that the service did not respond in a timely manner. Then the service hangs when trying to restart in a "starting" mode. The only way to correct the issue is to reboot both our database server(oracle) and our StarTeam App Server. This will resolve the problem for an hour or two then the Problem happens all over again. We are running StarTeam 4.2 Service Pack 2. We installed the product a month ago and everything has been running smoothly until yesterday.

Are there any errors in the StarTeam server log? Without any type of error, it's a little difficult to pin down the issue. It may be that the StarTeam server is losing its connection to the Oracle server, due to either a bad connection or the Oracle server being restarted (or stopped) without restarting StarTeam.

The "timely manner" message is similar to the Windows NT 4 message "2186 - the service did not respond to the control function". All this message means is that the service is taking longer to start/stop that the OS expects. The OS will continue to let the service keep starting/stopping, but it may take a refresh to see the status change.

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