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Starteam service locks and won't allow user to log in

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Posted by Peter Greaves on May 01, 2001 at 15:05:28:

We are running Starteam server as a service on a Windows NT box. Every morning when we come in we are unable to log into the server, even though the service is still running. The rest of the NT box is fine. The only way we can sort it out is to stop and start the service. We beleive it may be an issue realting to losing connectivity via the ODBC link to the SQL server, but that server has not been down for over 2 months and is completely stable with all other apps. It is also doing a 'hot' backup, so no services are stopped on the SQL box.

We have done two other things now. One is to creat a command line batch file that we are running at 5am to restart the service automatically. That obviously means, however, that the server is still down between when it locks the users out and the service is restarted.

The other is to create a procedure that simply goes out and checks the server status every 5 minutes. From this we managed to acertain that it hung at 10PM on Friday, 11PM on Saturday and did not hand on Sunday. There are no error logs BTW, and the no errors in the NT logs either.

Any ideas?

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