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Overriding default folder paths?

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Posted by Gary Weber on March 30, 2001 at 19:47:06:

Any folders within a view, and all of their subfolders, can have either a "Default" or "Alternate" path specified in its properties. Normally, the default path for any given folder is simply comprised of the default path of its parents leading all the way up to whatever working path was chosen when the view was created.

When you use the STCMD utility to check-out files from the command line, it would typically use the default working path for a folder as the destination for those files. Or, you can specify the -rp switch to change the root path for a specific view.

However, when someone has overridden a defualt path for a folder within a view, and they used a fully-qualified path including a drive letter(like "C:\MyProject\Mycomponent"), then for some reason I can't fathom, StarTeam's -rp switch on the command line doesn't work. It will override the root path for the view and all subfolders that don't have a modified default, but any folders that have their default path changed to a hard coded path are unaffected by -rp.

This creates great pain for our build engineers who are trying to automate build processes. Let's say that a developer has changed the default path for their component to "C:\Foobar\NiceComponent".

But, on the build machine, the build process scripts might need all source files to reside in "C:\Thisbuild\Source\(component-name)". Typically I would expect that when I am checking out NiceComponent, I could use "-rp C:\Thisbuild\Source\Nicecomponent" to ensure that the files make it into my build environment.

Not so! If the developer has changed the default path to their own hard-coded fully qualified path as I showed above, then -rp is useless. On the build machine, the files will get checked out to whatever path that the developer had chosen on a whim -- I have no control! How, then, does one deal with this situation for automated builds?

Is there a way around this? Please help! We're using StarTeam 4.2. Thanks to anyone who has any answers!

Gary Weber

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