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Posted by Martin on March 16, 2001 at 11:30:57:

The code I'm using is following:

set s = Server.CreateObject("StarTeam.Server")
set u = s.LogOn(name, password)

set v = GetViewFromRequest ' my function, returns view id
set f = server.CreateObject("StarTeam.Folder")
f.Load s, v, fID

set i = CreateObject("StarTeam.ChangeRequest")
i.Init f ' create new CR

and would like to add attachment to particular change request, but it gives me message that this method is not supported. But it is specified in Stargate sdk and some other methods and properties work correctly.

What I need is to find some way how to add new attachment to particular CR or topic through Stargate SDK. The problem is, that most of ASP code was written by someone else who left the firm and my task is just to add some features according changes in client, which we upgraded recently.

I really appreciate your help

Martin Nassler

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