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recovering deleted files

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Posted by Bill Jones on March 03, 2001 at 19:28:50:

I have a situation where I shared a folder from one project to another, deleted the folder from its original location, and then continued adding revisions to the files of that folder in the new project. (BTW, the new location was a branching view of it's project.)

Later I realized I still needed those files in the original project so I looked for a way to reestablish the link I broke when I made the original deletion and could find one, so I shared the folder from the new location back into the original. (BTW, I also had to create some new folders to be the parent of the folder I was sharing).

This brought me to a situation where starteam complained about 'soft-delete' problems and an inability to find the owner of an object when I try to browse the contents of this folder (from either project/view). Also the folder can't be deleted because ST complains that no object with the appropriate id exists in the DB.

Now this is a bug that we need to pursue with the ST support, but it seems to me that maybe some of this might have been avoided if I were just able to recover deleted files and re-add them... Is this possible? Can I even list what was deleted?

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