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I just converted from PVCS, and boy are my arms tired!

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Posted by Ray Gosselin on March 01, 2001 at 13:32:14:

I've just completed a conversion of our project's PVCS VM archives to StarTeam and I wonder if other PVCS converts out there have experienced the same issues we have. For us, at least, the conversion is not nearly as easy as the StarBase sales folks, and the manuals led us to believe.

In a nutshell, our problem was that our PVCS archive (under VM 6.6.10) was a single project with around 15 MS Visual Studio workspaces that were each controlled as subprojects. Since StarTeam's wrapping process has the limitation of not being able to deal with files of the same name in different folders in the PVCS hierarchy, it was suggested to us by the StarBase support staff that we wrap each subproject separately and then create a super project and move all the subprojects into the super project and voila, our archives would be converted and we would have our project's folder structure as it was in PVCS. This was indeed the case, except for the seemingly small issue that all the labels that came over in the wrap were lost in the move to the super project. We had all our old file revisions and folder hierarchy, but none of our labels. OOPS... I found out that there is a CR (CR #101169) against StarTeam for this very issue, but it appears that no patch with this CR resolved is available.

My solution was to write a short python script to read in a PVCS history report and use it to tag each file revision with the correct label in our new StarTeam super project. If anyone else out there is wrestling with this same issue, I would be happy to supply you with the script if it would help. Just email me (raymond_gosselin@guntherintl.com).


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