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Posted by Steve on February 27, 2001 at 20:15:50:

In Reply to: Which encryption to choose? posted by Martin Gramatke on February 27, 2001 at 16:18:07:

The starting and ending IP boxes allow you to define a required encryption level for a specific range of addresses. For example, you may want to require a low level of encryption for internal IP's, and a higher level for external IP's. Being able to specify a range allows this. To set a requirement for an individual IP, set the start and end as the same.

More Info:

This is from the Administrator's Guide: Chapter 3: Configuring and Running the Server

Setting Minimum Encryption for TCP/IP

Encryption protects files and other project information from being read by unauthorized
parties over unsecured network lines (like the Internet). For TCP/IP, you can set a
minimum level of encryption from the server. The encryption level (for all protocols) can
be set from StarTeam on a per-workstation basis as you access the server.
To set TCP/IP encryption for transferred data:
1. Do one of the following:
? On the computer where the server is installed, double-click the server icon on the
? On the computer where the server is installed, right-click the server icon and
select Configuration Properties from the pop-up menu.
? From StarTeam, select Tools Server Administration Configure Server....
After you log on or if you are logged on already, the StarTeam VirtualTeam Server
Configuration dialog opens.
2. Select the Protocols tab.
3. Click Add....
The Set Default Encryption Type dialog opens.
4. Type the starting IP address in the Starting IP boxes.
5. Type the ending IP address in the Ending IP boxes.
6. Select the type of encryption you want to use with the server for these addresses.
7. Click OK.

The types of encryption are:
RC4 RSA R4 stream cipher (fast)
RC2_ECB RSA R2 block cipher (Electronic Codebook)
RC2_CBC RSA R2 block cipher (Cipher Block Chaining)
RC2_CFB RSA R2 block cipher (Cipher Feedback)

These encryption types are ordered from fastest to slowest. Each of the slower encryption types is safer than the one preceding it.

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