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Replication to folder

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Posted by Tony H. on February 05, 2001 at 18:06:36:

I have a question about how to replicate a directory to a public share.

I am trying to replicate the tip version of some documentation in source control out to a public folder. I would like the data in the folder to always contain the tip revision and to always be read only. I looked into StarDisk, and have some questions:

Is StarDisk the best solution for this problem? Should I create a stardisk drive mapping and share that publicly? If I do this, how will the documents be updated each time someone accesses them? Will this be processor intensive on the file server if many people are accessing files? StarDisk seems to be attached to the current logged in user, am I going to loose the share when someone logs me out of the file server?

The next related questions there are files in sub folders of the shared location that I do not want to share. Is it possible to exclude certain sub folders? I figured the easiest way would be using views, but you can only root a view at another location and not exclude certain folders. The other thought was with labels, but I want the tip file replicated every time...

Please help,

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