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Read Only Share?

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Posted by Avi Shmidman on January 30, 2001 at 10:37:57:

Is it possible to create a read only share within StarTeam?
We have a utility which is developed independently, within its own view, but which is then included in the view of our main product, via a share. (Some of you may note that I have described this structure in previous postings. Sorry about the duplication).
In any case, I do not want the developer of the main product to accidentally (or purposely) check in a new version of the utility, overriding the version of the utility in its own view. To be sure, the chances are small, since executables don't get modified easily; and, if an older version of the utility was on the other machine, it would appear as "out of date".
Nevertheless, I would like to guarantee this somehow: To guarantee that although the utility is shared into the second view, it cannot be updated from the second view.
One way to do this is to always have an Exclusive Lock on the utility; however, I do not want to limit development on the utility to one programmer.
Another way I considered was to share the utility out of a read only view, derived from the utility's main view. However, this did not work; the share was based on the main instance of the file, not the instance within the read only view, and I was still able to update the file from the other view.
There is a "Read-Only" status in the StarTeam help, but I do not know how to implement it.
Any ideas?

Avi Shmidman
Excalibur Systems, Inc.

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