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Posted by mark juras on January 28, 2001 at 06:47:40:

In Reply to: Sharing and Promotion States posted by Avi Shmidman on January 28, 2001 at 04:51:38:

You need two branches in the project of the shared item -- a development branch and a release branch. The development branch will contain all revisions. The release branch will be updated only when you do a release by merging the release revisions to it. The using projects will share from the release branch, not the dev branch. An additional refinement is to have the release branch be a readonly view based on the "released" promotion state in the dev branch. I *think* this will allow you to avoid having to do merges and will also make the released revisions readonly in the using projects. The only warning here is that readonly means no attributes at all can be modified this includes lock status, flagged, etc.

: When a file is shared in StarTeam, the sharing cannot be linked to a particular promotion state of the view from which the file originates; the file always appears in its latest version at the shared location.

: This limitation leads me to the following problem. I have, in one view, a utility. In another view, I have our main product, which includes within it a copy of the utility. The development of the utility proceeds according to its own development, testing, and release procedures; however, whenever the main product is released, I want it to have the most updated *released* version of the utility.
: What I want, essentially, is to share the utility executable into the view of the main product according to the Production promotion state of the utility's view. Since the utility is in continuous development, I want the main product to include only the version of the utility which has been promoted, not whatever has been checked in at the moment.
: How can I accomplish this with StarTeam? Obviously, I want to avoid having to manually check out the utility according to the appropriate production state and copy it into the main product every time I do a build of the main product!

: Avi Shmidman
: Excalibur Systems, Inc.

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