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Sharing and Promotion States

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Posted by Avi Shmidman on January 28, 2001 at 04:51:38:

When a file is shared in StarTeam, the sharing cannot be linked to a particular promotion state of the view from which the file originates; the file always appears in its latest version at the shared location.

This limitation leads me to the following problem. I have, in one view, a utility. In another view, I have our main product, which includes within it a copy of the utility. The development of the utility proceeds according to its own development, testing, and release procedures; however, whenever the main product is released, I want it to have the most updated *released* version of the utility.
What I want, essentially, is to share the utility executable into the view of the main product according to the Production promotion state of the utility's view. Since the utility is in continuous development, I want the main product to include only the version of the utility which has been promoted, not whatever has been checked in at the moment.
How can I accomplish this with StarTeam? Obviously, I want to avoid having to manually check out the utility according to the appropriate production state and copy it into the main product every time I do a build of the main product!

Avi Shmidman
Excalibur Systems, Inc.

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