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Re: Tip: Multiple logins to the same project

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Posted by mark juras on January 27, 2001 at 22:00:44:

In Reply to: Tip: Multiple logins to the same project posted by Avi Shmidman on January 24, 2001 at 08:04:15:

Thanks for the tip. Too bad it is so hard to see what login name you used for each connection.

ALso we are working on a utility that dumps the permissions from the StarTeam server. I will post its location as soon as we finalize it. Untimately, this utilty will work two ways, that is, you can edit the report and read it back in it to change security.

: As I set up access rights, I often find that I need to repeatedly close and open the StarTeam application. On the one hand, I need to login as Administrator in order to set the access rights. On the other hand, I want to afterward login as the user in question, in order to verify that the access rights have been set correctly and perform according to design. And what I've found until now is that once I open a project, I cannot open it under a different login until I exit and rerun the StarTeam application.
: I've now found a solution. In my OpenProject dialog, I define two instances of the same virtual server. The two entries define a virtual server at the same location, with the same endpoint; however, I give them different names. I can then open one virtual server under the Administrator login, and the other under a different login.
: Now I can have two windows open simultaneously to the same project, where one window will allow full administrative privileges, while the other is restricted according to some other login's privileges.

: Avi Shmidman
: Excalibur Systems, Inc.

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