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Re: Upgradation problem

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Posted by Tommie Mademark on January 27, 2001 at 11:33:25:

In Reply to: Re: Upgradation problem posted by Prakash on January 27, 2001 at 01:45:20:

: : : Hi,
: : : I've upgraded 4.0 to 4.2, and ran the repositry tool to upgrade the database. After this, I'm getting an error message, "Server configuration indicates that the database has been re initialized, but it is missing starteam tables or else otherwise unusable" whenever I start the server.

: : : Please help me out to get back my important stuff.

: : : Thx

: : Hello Prakash,

: : I?m not really sure what have caused your problems, but I suggest the following assuming you have a backup of your repository and database files:

: : Delete your StarTeam VTS.
: : Install StarTeam 4.0.
: : Restore your StarTeam 4.0 repository and database files from a backup.
: : Test the installation from a StarTeam 4.0 client.

: : Download StarTeam 4.1 from ftp:/
: : Upgrade your StarTeam 4.0 configuration by installing StarTeam 4.1.
: : Run the database upgrade tool (I can?t remember if this was part of 4.1, but I believe so.)
: : Test the installation from a StarTeam 4.1 client to make sure it works.

: : For the next upgrade step, make sure you are using 4.2.699 (SP2). Installing 4.2 over the 4.1 install will complete the process to upgrade to 4.2:

: : Upgrade your StarTeam 4.1 configuration by installing StarTeam 4.2.699 (SP2).
: : Run the database upgrade tool.

: : Rgds,

: : Tommie

: Hello Tommie

: Now I've fond the problem is with the MDB file. The repair option also fails with this database. It says the entry "Server settings" is missing from the database. I tried to open the MDB thru MS Access, but it could not. Can u pls help me out to correct this problem.

: Thx

Hello Prakash,

The error message you receive from the StarTeam Server indicates that your .MDB file have become corrupted, and you have no option but restoring this file from your backup. File corruption can occur if your hardware crashes. Never, ever open a StarTeam .MDB file in Access! If you want to look inside the StarTeam database, first make a copy of the .MDB file and open the copy only!



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