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How many views is too much?

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Posted by EricT on January 24, 2001 at 21:06:16:

I'd like to have the input from the experts on the following:

When we selected Starteam as our SCM solution, we have been told to minimize the number of views created under Starteam, as a high number of views would greatly decrease the server performance. To this end, we have adapted our way of working in the following manner:

The way we are currently working is to minimize the number of views created on the Starteam server. To this end, each projects has something like three branching views, and these views are never deleted (because we don't know how the server would react to creating and deleting may views - would its performance and database size be impacted a lot?). With this way of working comes some merging problems. After a file is merged multiple times troughout its life, we come up with many many conflicts in Visual Merge, even if the last merge between the two files resulted in identical files. Is there a way to avoid this problem?

Having this problem makes me wonder if we are correctly using Starteam. Maybe a "branch per task" way of working would be better, where a new branching view would be created for a task, and once the task is done, it would be merged and deleted. But I'm afraid of the impact this might have on the server.

Our situation:
- About 40 developers (to grow to 55 soon)
- 5 main projects. We want to do a lot of parallel development in each project
- Each project can have about 1500 files, giving about 200 megs of sources and binaries.

Please let me know if "branch per tasks" is a viable solution with Starteam, from what you have experienced. Also, is anyone having the merge problems I reported?

Thank you very much.


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