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Does StarTeam support "tracks"?

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Posted by Marko Milicevic on December 28, 2000 at 14:46:15:

I am a former user of IBM's TeamConnect, now using StarTeam. There is a concept in TeamConnect I have not been able to find an equivalent of in StarTeam? TeamConnect's "tracks" refer to a collection of files that are logically related. Whenever a file is checked out it has to be related to track. So whenever starting a defect or enhancement a track is first created, then files are checked out for that track (defect, enhancement, or whatever). Files could also be checked in, but the checked in files can not be "committed" into the release (project) until the track is "integrated" into a level (label). This is very nice because people could continue to work with files, checking in/out, and not worry about breaking builds. When the developer is confident that the code is ready for a build they can "integrate" their track. Builds only include integrated tracks. Also if the build failed and the responsible track could be identified, it is possible to remove the track from level and rebuild. Because I am removing a track (all related changes) and not just a single file, I am can be more confident that I am removing all dependent files from the build.

Does StarTeam support this, or have a simple way of simulating it?
- Tracks that logically group together related files (at the level of granularity of a single defect/enhancement).
- The ability to check in files without committing them to builds.

Thank you.


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