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Posted by mark juras on December 05, 2000 at 23:40:48:

In Reply to: Re: Responsibility Field of CR posted by Steve on December 01, 2000 at 00:11:18:

: : The responsibility field for Change Requests lists all users on the server. Does anyone know a way to limit the shown users to one or more user groups?

: Please see my post to your similar question at this page:
: http://www.fox.se/wwwboard/messages/342.html

I am not sure what you are trying to accomplish but we had a similar need. That is: to assign a CR to a group. We had to work around StarTeam's inability to assign a CR to a StarTeam group. There are a couple of work-arounds:

One approach is to create a user that represents the Group. This user would be a member of the Group and would have an email address that resolves to the email addresses of everyone in the group (can StarTeam handle this type of email address?). No one would actually login as this "user", in fact, it could always be kept in a suspended state to prevent logins. However, it would show up on all user fields so it could be assigned to a CR.

The second approach is to use a master project into which all CRs are initially created and create a folder for each group in this project. Creating a CR in a given group's folder then means it is assigned to that group.

You can also do a combination of these approaches.

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