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Re: May StarTeam corrup VSS database?

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Posted by Technical Support on November 16, 2000 at 06:20:53:

In Reply to: May StarTeam corrup VSS database? posted by Kjell-Olov H?dahl on November 15, 2000 at 12:07:30:

: I made a test on wrapping StarTeam around a subproject of an VSS database. It all whent well and I was able to use StarTeam IDE to access the VSS database.

: But, the same day I made the test and ran VSS database through StarTeam, a file of the VSS database whent corrupt and had to be replaced with a back-up copy.

: Is there a connection here? Has anyone encountered any indications of this kind?

: Regards
: /Kjell-Olov H?dahl (?-Systemdesign AB)

Hi Kjell-Olov,

The corruption of the VSS archive is most likely a coincidence. Are you sure the wrap went okay and that no one accessed the VSS archive during the wrap?

My guess is that someone (or something) probably accessed the VSS archive during the wrapping process. Could have been a nightly backup that locked a file, or a VSS user.

The wrapping of a VSS archive needs to be done in a very controlled way, assuring that no VSS user or no other software is accessing the VSS archive during the wrapping process.

The section below is copied from the StarTeam Administrators manual which might be helpful to you:

?How Wrapping StarTeam around VSS is done

StarTeam allows you to create StarTeam projects using VSS projects. It reads the VSS folder hierarchy and the entire revision history and lock status for each VSS file in that hierarchy. In addition, StarTeam calculates the size of each revision. During the wrapping process, if a VSS file has revisions whose check-in dates are not chronologically increasing, StarTeam modifies the check-in dates to make them chronological. StarTeam logs the changes in the vss-err.log file in the repository folder, and tells you to examine the file before the wrapping process completes. During the wrapping process, all project labels become view labels in StarTeam. All revision labels in VSS become revision labels in StarTeam.

If the problems in the vss-err.log file are severe, you can delete this StarTeam project and re-wrap the VSS projects.?

/Tech Support

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