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Posted by Tommie Mademark on October 22, 2000 at 07:13:51:

In Reply to: Troubleshooting posted by Mark Juras on October 21, 2000 at 21:23:26:

: Where is the comprehensive troubleshooting guide, or at least an informative list of StarTeam error Messages and their meanings /resolutions. (I wish!)

Hi Mark,

StarTeam has a very comprehensive built-in diagnostics system. You can monitor your server?s activities, including commands, which have been executed, commands currently in execution and errors that occurred while executing commands.

To enable server diagnostics after each restart:

1. Do one of the following:

- One the computer where the server is running, double-click the server icon on the taskbar.
- One the computer where the server is running, right-click the server icon and select Configuration Properties.

After you log on or if you are logged on already, the StarTeam VirtualTeam Server Configuration dialog opens.

NOTE: From StarTeam, you can select Tools -> Server Administration -> Configure Server..., but you can only review the paths from StarTeam. You cannot change them.

2. Select the General tab.
3. Select the Enable Server Diagnostics check box.
4. Click OK.

NOTE: By default, the server starts with diagnostics turned off?regardless of previous settings. Unless you enable server diagnostics during this session, the Diagnostics command on the server?s pop-up menu is disabled.

To review server diagnostics:

1. On the computer where the server is running, select Diagnostics from the Server pop-up menu.
The StarTeam VirtualTeam Server Diagnostics dialog opens.
2. Select any of the following:

- The General tab displays server information including server start, elapsed, and processing time.
- The Statistics tab displays executed, executing and failed command statistics.
- The Command Log tab displays the command log file (a list of the commands that have completed) and the log file?s size.
(Click Reload to get the latest information.)
- The Commands tab displays a table which provides the command, start time, elapsed time and user information. This is for commands that have started but have not yet completed.

- The Exceptions tab provides a table which displays the command exceptions.
- The Server Log tab displays the server activity recorded in the server log file.


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