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Re: Access Server or MS SQL Server?

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Posted by Tommie Mademark on October 20, 2000 at 06:51:37:

In Reply to: Access Server or MS SQL Server? posted by Raymond Kiang on October 19, 2000 at 18:52:51:

: We are testing StartTeam 4.2, however, we want to use the MS SQL Server instead of Access Server. Anybody tried SQL server or Oracle with StarTeam already? Any problems? Any suggestions? Thank you for your commment.

Hi Raymond,

From a performance point of view, your best configuration is a dual-processor based server with 256 MB RAM as both StarTeam and SQL Server or Oracle uses a lot of system resources. You might also consider a RAID system to get better fault tolerance thus avoiding costly downtime. A RAID system obviously also could increase disk I/O performance depending on the RAID level you use. I have found that a RAID 0+1 configuration gives the best performance as well as being fault tolerant. Disk I/O is usually not an issue with StarTeam unless you have a large number of users. If cost of the hardware is an issue, Promise Technology has an IDE RAID controller that can be configured with 4 IDE drives in RAID 0+1 mode. The controller is less than US$200.

My tests also shows that the dual-processor configuration is superior to having separate systems where SQL Server runs on one machine and StarTeam on another as inter-process communication only takes place within the one system.

Best Regards,


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