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Posted by Tommie Mademark on September 16, 2000 at 10:00:32:

In Reply to: Replication Servers for StarTeam posted by Scocom on September 15, 2000 at 02:44:57:

: Hi, I have been looking at the product and was curious as to whether you can replicate the databases/servers so that user across geographical areas do not need to move large files themselves (eg binary type files).

: I know StarTeam is able to, via TCP/IP, move files around the world but what if bandwidth is a limitation....how do you then manage dispersed developers??

: Thanks in advance.

: Sco

Hi Sco,

No, StarTeam does not have replication, nor is it necessary as the product has a mechanism to handle file transfers across dispersed developer locations around the world. Users can set their workstations to ?Optimizing for Slow Connections? in the ?Tools | Workstation options?? and ?File? settings dialog. Using this setting, you can check out the differences between an out-of-date working file and the latest revision and the StarTeam Client will apply them to that file. Sending just the differences between revisions reduces traffic over the network. From what I hear from users of other tools that has server replication, server replication does not work very well. How do you synchronize your source code? Automatically? Well, that?s not something I would do.

Companies like ABB have developers in Sweden, Norway, Germany, Italy and the US ? all using the same server in North Carolina, USA. Ericsson in Sweden has a server at one location and 65 developers in four geographical locations in Sweden. Another Ericsson installation has the server and developers in the same office in Stockholm, but their customers, Ericsson users in Ericsson offices around the world use the Web interface in StarTeam, WebConnect to check out AutoCAD drawings (very large binary files) without any problems.

Per definition, if you are a developer, you have access to, and write and modify the source code that you compile into what becomes the executables (or binary files). And this is what StarTeam is primarily designed to do ? keep track of source code. I?m not sure why you would want to ?move large files themselves (eg binary type files)? across the network? If you are a developer with access to the entire source, why just not compile at your location? I had the same question a while ago from a developer in India with the StarTeam server in Boston, USA. My thinking here is that if you want to capitalize on the low cost of developers in India or any part of the world where developers are cheap compared to where you are located, you need to make sure that you do have good communication lines.

Best Regards,


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