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Posted by Tommie Mademark on September 12, 2000 at 08:36:29:

In Reply to: units of work tracking posted by Neeraj Rai on September 11, 2000 at 17:37:57:

: How do I track a unit of work (UOW) using start team.
: A UOW consists of a set of files that were affected in
: that UOW. We may need to rework on that UOW. Each UOW
: should have a user specified unique id with which we
: can track it and generate reports on it.
: UOW and labels:
: We are using Labels to track builds(successful
: compilation). In a day, we may work on several UOW,
: which are assigned same label and built.

: Neeraj

Dear Neeraj,

There are several options available to you for tracking and reporting on work performed in StarTeam. As you have already found out, the Task module in StarTeam allows local and remote users to report their efforts on the tasks that they have been assigned.

How to Import Task information into Excel:

Click on the ?Task? tab in the upper left pane.
From the ?Task? menu, select ?Advanced | Export??.
Select the fields that you want to export.
Import the exported document into Excel.

You can also use the StarTeam Microsoft Project integration for work assignment and reporting. More information is available in the StarTeam User Guide on-line manual, chapter 8 ?Managing Tasks? and subtopic ?Using Tasks Without MS Project?.

When tasks are created in MS Project and exported to a StarTeam project, team members can:
? Check their task responsibilities via StarTeam instead of using MS Project itself or MS Project printouts.
? Review important MS Project task information such as planned start and finish dates, task dependencies on other tasks, and task notes directly from StarTeam.
? Incrementally report the work effort for tasks through StarTeam work records that can be periodically synchronized via StarTeam?s MS Project integration, a special VBA add-on, for MS Project.
? Link StarTeam tasks containing MS Project information directly to related work products, such as files, change requests and topics. For example, if related change requests are unresolved, the task might be considered unfinished.
? Use StarTeam?s remote access capabilities to view and report on task activities. This allows distributed team members to supply actual effort information and keep up-to-date on changes to the schedule.
? Provides additional information not available through MS Project such as the StarTeam task status, project folder path, team member with overall responsibility for the task, needs attention flag and needs attention note. With repository customization, custom fields can also be added.


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