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Posted by John S. on August 29, 2000 at 14:29:13:

In Reply to: Re: Re: Re: Star Team - VSS Synching posted by Tommie Mademark on August 29, 2000 at 04:40:01:

: : : : I have a small problem at hand. It was fine working with Star Team till we had just one development centre in US. We have recently expanded our operations to Bangalore. We now have development happening at Boston and also in Bangalore. Our Star Team server is
: : : : in Boston and developers in Bangalore connect to that to work from bangalore. Due to poor connectivity in India we thought we should not download the stuff everyday and have decided to have a server in
: : : : Bangalore too. But the problem is that I am told that we cannot have Star Team server in Bangalore for 4-5 months(Cost reasons I guess). Given this we have decided to use Visual Source Safe in Bangalore and
: : : : continue with Star Team in Boston. Now the challenge is in synching up both the servers. I want the Star Team Server get updated with the modifications of Visual source Safe in the evening Indian time
: : : : and update the Visual Source Safe with the modifications made in Star Team in the evening Boston time. Please advise me how I go about achieving this.

: : : : Thanks in Advance,
: : : : Mahesh.

: : : Dear Mahesh,

: : : Unfortunately there is no mechanism available to synchronize VSS and StarTeam repositories. Having a StarTeam server in Bangalore would not work either, as there is no replication service between two StarTeam servers.

: : : As StarTeam was designed to be able to use slow connections, checking out files over dial-up lines (or otherwise slow connections), should in most cases not be a problem. As an example, a company here n Sweden has 7 users connected to a server in Raleigh, South Carolina, USA using 28 kBPS modem lines which works great.

: : : You need to select the ?Optimize for Slow Connections? check box in your client so that the StarTeam Virtual-Team Server will send the difference between the currently checked-out revision (in your working folder) and the revision being checked out from the server. This will speed up the data transfer significantly.

: : : 1. Connect to the project on your server.
: : : 2. On the menu, select ?Tools | Workstation options?? and click the ?File? tab.
: : : 3. Under ?Check-out options?, select the ?Optimize for Slow Connections? check box.

: : : Tommie

: : Dear Tommie,
: : Thanks a tonne for such prompt response.
: : You were saying that there is no mechanism to synchronize the Star Team and VSS repositories but the following information from the Star Team Help says that synching is possible from VSS to Star Team.

: : "StarTeam uses the refresh feature instead of the event hook mechanism in VSS because the event hook mechanism can cause StarTeam?s repository to be out of sync with the VSS. One of the reasons for this is that VSS does not generate events from the VSS command line."

: : Pl. shed some light on this.

: : Thanks,
: : Mahesh.

: Hi Mahesh,

: You are absolutely correct in that StarTeam can be used together with Visual SourceSafe and I apologize for being a bit sloppy in my reply to you. The reason was, that in your original posting, you state that "Due to poor connectivity in India..." and that you don't want to "download the stuff everyday".

: If you want to use StarTeam clients and VSS clients for the same project (and files), a VSS client must be installed on the computer that runs StarTeam VirtualTeam Server in your Boston office. This VSS client must connect to your VSS project (shared files location) in India and the StarTeam Server in Boston will monitor all VSS activities that you perform such as checking in and out of files as well as locking and unlocking. This requires a permanent WAN connection between your LAN in India and the LAN in Boston and there will be constant network traffic, as the StarTeam Server in Boston needs to see all that is going on in your VSS project in India.

: The section in the help file that you refer to is also available in the manual titled ?StarTeam Administrators Guide?, Chapter 13 from where I copied the following:

: ?Refreshing Data
: StarTeam queries the VSS database as to the current status of files before displaying them in a StarTeam window. When you press F6 or perform an operation on a StarTeam item, StarTeam calls a synchronous routine.?

: The above means that if a user in Boston has her/his File pane open in the StarTeam client and that your VSS files are in that File pane, the StarTeam Server needs to check the status of your VSS files before displaying them in the StarTeam Client in Boston. This obviously means network traffic.

: Using VSS and StarTeam in conjunction the way you whish will result in a lot of network traffic. Using StarTeam Clients in India will result in much less network traffic.

: Best Regards,

: Tommie

A solution that I have suggested in the past is to use a StarTeam client to "synchronize" manually. This would mean using the CLI to batch check out to a working directory at the remote location during off hours (when the connectivity is good) and then check in and/or identify conflicts manually. This method can be used to keep a shared directory for all to pull from (not check in to) when connectivity is unavailable. It's really an extension of the idea of checking out the baseline to a notebook computer before getting on the plane. Development work can be done while flying and the changes are checked out/merged when back on the ground.

Another method that could be used if both sites were using StarTeam servers is to use our new product StarSync. Both servers would host two views - one for local development and one for remote. StarSync could be used to move the data and then it can be checked into the remote development view with a CLI batch script. The two views can then be reconciled at an appropriate interval.

John S.

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