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Star Team - VSS Synching

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Posted by Mahesh Badimi on August 27, 2000 at 04:24:33:

I have a small problem at hand. It was fine working with Star Team till we had just one development centre in US. We have recently expanded our operations to Bangalore. We now have development happening at Boston and also in Bangalore. Our Star Team server is
in Boston and developers in Bangalore connect to that to work from bangalore. Due to poor connectivity in India we thought we should not download the stuff everyday and have decided to have a server in
Bangalore too. But the problem is that I am told that we cannot have Star Team server in Bangalore for 4-5 months(Cost reasons I guess). Given this we have decided to use Visual Source Safe in Bangalore and
continue with Star Team in Boston. Now the challenge is in synching up both the servers. I want the Star Team Server get updated with the modifications of Visual source Safe in the evening Indian time
and update the Visual Source Safe with the modifications made in Star Team in the evening Boston time. Please advise me how I go about achieving this.

Thanks in Advance,

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