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Connecting with Visual Studio

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Posted by Klaus Elk on August 02, 2000 at 05:00:31:

We are currently testing StarBase, comparing it to existing Visual SourceSafe and a testinstallation of ClearCase.

StarBase is integrated with Visual Studio - and this works fine in most cases.

However when I want to startup the first time (locally)with a project that already exists in studio, I cannot see how this is done without using the StarBase environment.

When using SourceSafe i find that Visual Studio has - in the File-Open Workspace dialog - the possibility to connect to sourcesafe and pinpoint a project.

How is this done with Starbase ?

The second question is more tricky. The following happened:

- I was up and running with studio connected to Starbase

- For some reason I disconnected the base for a while

- It was OK to reconnect later, but I selected the wrong project on the server. My files were not here and I was asked to insert them. I cancelled the "Add files" operation - I wanted to connect with the correct project.

- Now I was not offered the opportunity to connect to the right project. I couldn't disconnect either ..catch22!

Hoping for some good advice!

Best Regards

Klaus Elk

Bruel & Kj?

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