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Posted by Shawn Saulsberry on June 15, 2000 at 07:17:49:

In Reply to: Re: StarTeam and Visual Source Safe posted by Daniel Eriksson on June 07, 2000 at 05:06:39:

: : Is anyone using StarTeam with VSS? If so, can you give me some information concering the ease of installation, maintainability, and conversion to the StarBase version control system?

: I have been involved in moving a fairly large VSS database to StarTeam. The database itself contained about 1 GB of source code spread across some 100,000 files. The database had about two dozen high-level projects, each with several levels of sub-projects.

: We decided to move this database in several pieces over to StarTeam. This was done to accomodate the timing requirements of several critical projects (you probably don't want to move a big project right in the middle of some critical development).

: We basically ended up moving each one of the high-level projects into StarTeam one at a time, usually during a weekend. This way we could train a small number of people and help them get started on Monday morning in order to cause as little disturbance as possible. The only problem we had was with the people that worked on several projects at the same time. These people just had to accept working in two different environments for a short time. (And no, we didn't use the VSS wrapping in StarTeam to mitigate this problem.) I ended up writing a small utility to quickly switch between having VSS and StarTeam integrated into Visual Studio (VC++) by toggling a flag in the registry.

: All in all I would say that the conversion went pretty smoothly. We had some problems with corrupt files in VSS that StarTeam had problems importing, but after some tweaking and handholding and an upgrade to StarTeam 4.2 most, if not all, of our problems went away.

: Maintaining StarTeam is a breeze. I spent almost no time at all (less than 10 minutes per week) maintaining StarTeam once everything was installed and set up. The thing that takes time is to come up with a suitable security model. In our case we set up the projects so that every employee could read all the source code, but only write in the project where they were working. The consultants were set up to only have access to the specific project in which they were working. This took some thinking to get right, but in general I would say that the security settings are easy to understand. What makes it take time is the large number of options you have at your disposal. It is almost intimidating at first. :-)

: Installing StarTeam is easy. If you are serious about StarTeam you will probably end up using a commercial database engine such as MSSQL or Oracle. There are step-by-step descriptions on how to set these up, but I suggest you get a competent DBA to help you set everything up (including backup policies for the DB and for the file repository). Installing the client can't be much simpler than it currently is, so don't worry about that.

: I hope this helps!

: (No, I'm not affiliated with StarBase or Fox Data. I'm just a happy customer.)

: Best regards,
: Daniel Eriksson
: Senior Engineer
: Vektrex Electronic Systems, Inc.
: San Diego, CA

Mr. Eriksson,

Thank you for your informative reply. After getting this reassurance from you and actually trying the wrap myself, I am fully convinced of StarTeam's abiility to perform.

I walked through a wrap simulation with one of the support staff personnel and it went off without a hitch. The interoperability between StarTeam and Visual Source Safe (VSS) is seamless. This is a killer componet for my organization. Granted, I was a skeptical customer, but now I am fully convinced of the power and full functionality of StarTeam.

Again, thanks for your reply! May the force be with you (smile)!

Wrapped in StarTeam,

Shawn Saulsberry
Quality Assurance Analyst
YOUcentric Incorporated
Charlotte, North Carolina

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