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Re: Cannot check-in files > 1 MB

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Posted by Tommie Mademark on June 07, 2000 at 12:57:20:

In Reply to: Cannot check-in files > 1 MB posted by Lyle Fong on June 02, 2000 at 21:00:04:

: We're running StarTeam 4.2.681 over here on Windows 2000 (Access DB). Everything works fine, except we can't check in any files > 1 MB. Is this a built-in limitation or an error?

: Also, occasionally someone else checks in files and my client asks me to "Merge" as opposed to saying the files are "Out of Date". I know I haven't even opened those files. This is happening about once a day to a bunch of files.

: Any help would be greatly appreciated! Contacting StarTeam directly has been of no help.

: Lyle Fong
: CTO, Gamers.com
: A CMGI Company
: lyle@gamers.com

We would like to get some more information regarding your inquiry. We would like to know the following in order to resolve this inquiry:

- What is your current Client/Server Operating System?
- Is your back-end database local?
- What is your build number of Microsoft Windows 2000?
- What is the exact error message?
- Is this problem occuring for ALL users, or just those that are operating on Windows 2000?
- are users sharing working directories
- was this working before, when did this problem begin to occur.
- what type of files? or all types?

Also in regards to your "merge" problem: Are you using the same working folders as the other users?


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