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Re: Error "...incorrect base version" ??

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Posted by Cynthia on May 31, 2000 at 17:14:05:

In Reply to: Error "...incorrect base version" ?? posted by Martin Engstrom on May 31, 2000 at 17:11:37:

: Hi,

: I got a strange error that doesn't make good sense.

: C:\Projects\NewSvr\Doc\myfile.doc

: A check-in operation was attempted using incorrect base version (the base must be the current tip version in the archive)

: Does this mean anything to you...

: /Martin

The error "...incorrect base version" occurs most often when there is a check in on an archive file that is out of date. Say today's date is 12/23/99. You might have a file that looks like:

myfile.doc (3) 12/23/99
myfile.doc (2) 12/01/99
myfile.doc (1) 11/15/99

However, maybe some year 2000 testing was done on the StarTeam server, or for some other reason, the computer clock of the StarTeam server was rolled forward to 03/19/00 so that the next check in on this file was stamped in the future, such as:

myfile.doc (4) 03/19/00
myfile.doc (3) 12/23/99
myfile.doc (2) 12/01/99
myfile.doc (1) 11/15/99

If your server time was then rolled back to the present after the check in, StarTeam would not display the future check in, so that file would appear as below, the asterisked revision being invisible:

myfile.doc (4) 03/19/00***
myfile.doc (3) 12/23/99
myfile.doc (2) 12/01/99
myfile.doc (1) 11/15/99

Attempting to check in on top of this file would produce the error, incorrect base version, because revision 4 already exists, but is not displayed. In this case, this is not corruption. When the StarTeam server rolls forward to the date 03/19/00, the file in question will operate normally.

There is an easy fix to this type of problem. Follow these steps:

1. Highlight the file in question, hold down CTRL and drag and drop the file into a new folder, thus creating a share.

2. Right click the share, select Advanced | Behavior and check on the branch on change check box.

3. Select the Configuration tab, and set the configuration of the file to the current date (in the above example 12/23/99).

4. Check in on top of the problem file. This will force the file to branch.

5. Delete the original file, and move the "shared" file back to the original location.

You can now check in on the file normally.

The other option is to run the verify utility that was included in 4.1 and on.


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