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No access to root view

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Posted by Jonas Olsson on May 26, 2000 at 05:22:13:

I have a user who has encountered te following:

He used an older build (pre-681) of ST 4.2 and had no problem accessing our test project (MS Access, for training).
He upgraded to 681, but cannot remember if he successfully accessed the test project after that.
Currently he gets ACCESS PROHIBITED (you do not have access to open this view) on the test project's default view.
I have also upgraded and have no problem opening that same view. As administrator I have no view and/or project access rights set at all (which should mean everything for everyone).
The user has no problem accessing our production projects (MS SQL Server, on another STVTS).
The current work-around is to let the user use another login (works OK) and this is not a problem for us.
However, I'd like to know what has happened, how it happened and how I can detect it and keep it from happening.

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